How to open a beauty salon

hairdressing market now is attractive to many aspiring entrepreneurs.Therefore, the question of how to open a beauty salon, is given a lot of people.But not everyone succeeds.And the thing is that this activity requires careful attention to many small nuances.Not to mention the fact that the owner of such an institution should be no less business acumen than the man makes his way to success in trade, computer technology and so on.

Before answering the question of how to open a beauty salon, you should clearly decide which segment to select.You can give preference to the idea of ​​elite institutions, middle-class or low.Most preferably initially focus on the most.We have in mind the customers who belong to the middle class.It is a guarantee that you will achieve success in one way or another.Interior middle class - this place is equipped with good facilities, with a decent interior, relatively low prices and professional artists.But first things first.The discovery of beauty - not an easy task.

Start with the room.Buy it you can hardly, therefore, the best option - to rent.Experts recommend choosing an apartment on the first floor of residential buildings, and already translated in uninhabited fund.Most likely, at first you will have to limit ourselves to a small area.60 square meters - just enough enough to accommodate them three jobs.Naturally, you must strive to ensure that in the future to expand the area.

Responding to a question on how to open a beauty salon, it is worth noting: it is necessary to pay a lot of time to repair.Furnishing and interior form a positive opinion about your customers.It is best not to save money, and ask for help designer.You do not need anything extraordinary and pretentious, classy, ​​noble interior - this is what we need.

equipment beauty salons - another point that it is impossible to ignore.Here is what is included in a typical set of equipment for the average hairdresser:

  • working toilets (mirror, shelves for tools - everything he sees a client sitting in a chair).
  • Sinks (the main requirement - usability and reliability).
  • chairs (they should not only be comfortable for customers, but also fits well into the surroundings).
  • Engineering (klimazony, hairdryers, apparatus for treatment of hair, curling irons, hair dryers, clippers, etc.).
  • Workshop trolleys designed for materials and tools.
  • Others (in this category may include tables, wardrobe, rubbish bin, basket of raw linen, and so on).

How and what to buy, depends on the size of the future interior.

course, this is not the whole list of all necessary.Do not do the work without uniforms, scissors, combs, towels, dressing gowns, shavers and other small items.Most employees have their own hairdressers tools for the job.That should please you.

But the purchase of supplies will not get out.It is a balm, hair dyes, masks, shampoos and so on.Not worth saving, it is important to offer clients only high-quality care products for hair, produced eminent firms.

considering the question of how to open a beauty salon, it is worth special attention to the process of recruitment.Many friends are invited to work with the experience of hairdressers, luring masters of the competitive venues.But to recruit hairdressers novice, of course, is not recommended - too risky.However, we can offer candidates a job probation.A professional should not only be a master, but also a good person, able to maintain a conversation, to listen to the customer.

open a beauty salon, it is possible without a huge initial capital.Five thousand dollars will at first be enough.The money will go to rent, a small repair business registration, purchase of equipment, advertising and so on.