The idea of ​​business for the big city.

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As we all know, money is spinning where a lot of them, and where a lot of money - and there are many people who earn their feed.Here we come to what you need to earn money in the big cities, metropolitan areas.Earning depends on the scale.Not really earn 1 million USDin the village with a population of 10 000 people., who make their very 1 000 USD, because you are not a monopoly and people will pay to buy, or not just you.

So, of you take the big city, where people like ants, somewhere to run and do something.And we are sure that they live here?I assure you that some of them are passing through.

essence of business is simple: take the wholesale and sell retail.Now we break it down.First we need to rent an apartment for a long period of time.Pre-arranged with the owner of that in the future it will take for rent.That's the whole business.We rented an apartment for $ 1000 and get the output at least $ 2000, because the cost of the day is formed by doubling the cost.But do not score that with these $ 2000you need to take away the money for the cleaning, ironing and utilities.

opita From my apartment will be empty about 5-7 days a month, it is also necessary to provide for the formation of the cost per day.As for me, you can put on top of the cost of contractual and wait as long as you will be offered for a particular apartment, not forgetting the minimum cost.Each city is unique.Man should evaluate the possibility of clients and competitors' offers.Remember that the client is not interested in possible cost, and a good advertising campaign.Do not spare money on advertising its free power take your time and not very effective.

after a successful bid from one apartment can grow and take in more and more sub-lease apartments.Critical masses, at least in my case, difficult to achieve.You can always hire a person who will be responsible for some of the work.Everyone must do his own job.Some people have to clean up, the other - to settle, etc.

difficulties in this idea there is to rent an apartment, the money that stoi who asked for it.

That's basically it.If someone has questions or doubts - write comments, I'm happy to answer them.