Effects of nuclear explosions and the action

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nuclear weapons - is one of the most dangerous species existing in the world.The use of this tool can solve different problems.Moreover, the objects to be attacked may have a different arrangement.In this regard, a nuclear explosion may be performed in air, under water or underground, above ground or water.This type of weapon is capable of destroying all the objects that are not protected, as well as people.In this regard, there are following effects of a nuclear explosion.

1. The shock wave.This factor accounts for about 50 percent of the total energy released in the explosion.The shock wave from the explosion of a nuclear weapon is similar to the action at break conventional bomb.Its difference is more destructive power and long duration.If we consider all the effects of a nuclear explosion, then this shall prevail.

shock wave this weapon capable of striking targets that are far away from the epicenter.It is a strong compression process air.The speed of its spread depends on the established pressure.The farther away from the blast site, the weaker the impact of the waves.Risk of explosion wave lies in the fact that it moves in the air items that can lead to death.Lesions of this factor are divided into light, heavy, very heavy and medium.

shelter from the effects of the shock wave can be in a special shelter.

2. Light radiation.This factor accounts for about 35% of the total energy released in the explosion.This flow of radiant energy, which includes infrared, visible and ultraviolet radiation.As sources of light are the hot air and the fiery explosion products.

temperature light can reach 10,000 degrees Celsius.The level of the harmful effect is determined by the light pulse.This ratio of total energy to the area which it covers.The energy of light is converted into heat.There is a surface heating.It can be quite strong and cause charring materials or fires.

people as a result of the light emission is obtained numerous burns.

3. Ionizing radiation.Effects of a nuclear explosion and include this component.It accounts for about 10 percent of all energy.This flux of neutrons and gamma rays, which emanate from the epicenter of the use of weapons.Their distribution takes place in all directions.The farther away from the explosion point, the lower the concentration of these streams in air.If the weapon was used underground or under water, the degree of exposure is significantly lower.This is due to the fact that part of the flow of neutrons and gamma rays absorbed by the water and ground.

penetrating radiation covers a smaller area than the shock wave, or radiation.However, there are types of weapons in which the action of ionizing radiation is significantly higher than the other factors.

neutrons and gamma rays penetrate the tissue, blocking the work of the cells.This leads to changes in the body, its organs and systems.Cells die and decompose.In humans it is called radiation sickness.In order to assess the impact of radiation on the body, determine the radiation dose.

4. Radioactive contamination.After the explosion, some of the material is not subject to division.As a result of its decomposition to form an alpha-particle.Many of these are not active for over an hour.The greatest degree of contamination in the area exposed to the epicenter of the explosion.

5. Electromagnetic pulse.It is also part of the system, which is formed by factors affecting nuclear weapons.It is associated with the emergence of strong electromagnetic fields.

It's the main effects of a nuclear explosion.Its effect has significant influence on the entire area and people who fall into this zone.

nuclear weapons and their affecting factors studied by mankind.Its use is controlled by the world community to prevent global catastrophes.