Dreams of shoes - what a dream women's shoes?

has long been using the dreams people have tried to unravel the future or the past and see.Apparently so, because of centuries of observation and were downers, which are now not only not lost its relevance, but on the contrary, began to cause even greater interest.After all, the entire thrust mystical and unknown inherent in virtually every human being.But we are not going to describe all of the value of dreams, and dreamed only dwell on shoes.

So what does this dream mean?First of all, pay attention to the fact that the shoes - a pair accessory.Therefore, the dream of this kind of shoe involves attitudes and emotions.Dreams shoes rarely may indicate a particular acquaintance affair or a date, but still not be discounted, and such an interpretation.Pay attention to the style of shoes had a dream: what it sleeker and more feminine, the more likely that you will soon begin to actively with someone to flirt or even fall in love.Your emotions at the same time be the stronger, the higher the heel.If it does not exist, or flat sole, it means that the passion in a relationship will not.Most likely, everything will remain on platonic level.

if the dream of black shoes with low heels and rigorous style, the relationship will be purely a service or a business nature.Same shoes, but "stud", suggests that will be added to the working relationship and love.Obuvka white can predict or meeting new people, or incipient love affair, which is a lot of romance.But the red shoes dream interpretation is explained as follows: a passionate and active flirting, passionate love, whirlwind romance, love affair.If the shoes in a dream painted in pink, purple or lilac color, in reality, need to be less trusting any new acquaintances, especially with men.

Those who dreamed of a fitting or buying a new pair of shoes, shoes dream book predicts a new fan or a new pleasant acquaintance.If the size of the shoes fit, then, in a new relationship is complete harmony and understanding.Inappropriate same size indicates possible problems.If the shoes are dirty or uncomfortable, most likely, a new fan or you just do not like it, or you will be disappointed in it after a while.Torn, worn, old shoes indicate that your pattern of behavior towards men obsolete.Also shoes dream book mentions the old ties, not bring you any pleasure, and the fragility of relations.

If footwear is decorated with bows, laces and other decorative details, it says that the reality of your new novel is violent, intriguing, but at the same time, frivolous and even doubtful.If you somehow lose your shoes, then the solution of dreams is this: the relationship will end soon.It may be prophetic dream that your shoes have been stolen, but on his feet have remained stockings or socks.This means that in a short time you have something to lose, but due to circumstances, very quickly make up for their losses.