Why dream of children - boys and girls?

Every man dreams of a great many dreams.Many believe that every dream - it is a warning.In order to understand the meaning of dreams, people have created a dream books that expound the essence of a variety of dreams.In them you can learn, for example, what the children dream of boys and girls?

People believe Horoscopes, because their interpretation of dreams is tested by time.Many indeed coincide with the interpretation of reality.

If you had a beautiful and healthy baby, something in your life is sure to happen any joyful event.It is possible, and what you expect a profit and success in time to come.It is possible that this will be a joyous surprise, promotion at work, winning the lottery.If you look in the esoteric dream book, in it you will see that the child portends good event.The dream book Tsvetkova sleep with an ugly and stained baby interpreted as coming troubles, suddenly appeared in your life.If you saw in a dream a mother with a child in your life will happen any happiness.This dream portends a long and healthy life.

If you shake the baby in her arms, it does not bode well.Be prepared for the difficulties and troubles.If you have any plans, be careful because complications may occur.

dreamed someone else's child?It treats this dream differently.For example, if you see a beautiful and fun crumbs, then soon your life will be the second half, or your relationship with your loved one improve.It is possible, and that someone else's child in a dream can warn you of minor troubles, but do not hurry to get upset because you will be able to cope with them.

If you dream of a child, you will certainly need to pay attention to its floor, because there are different interpretations for boys and girls.Why dream of children?Boys dream portend a pleasant and unexpected surprise.It is possible, and that you will soon become a mom or dad.

Why dream of children?Boys in a dream can mean light and favorable labor.Get ready for the good news and good change in my life.

If you do not know what the children dream - boys and girls who cry - you will need to devote more time to family and loved ones.I dreamed of playing in that little boy?Be prepared for a good changes in life and the onset of a happy period of life.Why dream of children - boys or girls that seem her, but in fact are unknown?This dream warns you of disappointment in love.

If a woman had a dream girl, it could portend a quick pregnancy, and the man - the emergence of an assistant in their endeavors.Beautiful and pure girl - a harbinger of good news, and dirty and ugly - the bad news.Why dream of babies boys?Bode frustrated lover or deception on his part.

Now you know what dreams of little boys and girls.With interpretation, you can always be prepared for any twist of fate.Remember that dream interpretation was established on the basis of years of experience, so you need to pay attention to how he interpreted a dream, and to be careful.Of course, not every dream can mean something, but scientists still have not known the true nature of dreams, and we must be ready for anything.