A strong spell of love that can not be removed

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relationship between man and woman do not always add up smoothly and harmoniously.In his personal life we ​​are often faced with the change, resentment, indifference and even hatred.In such situations, people must be strong in spirit, to understand the other half, to accept and respect her decision.But the man in the affairs of love is often weak and spineless creature.Unfortunately, some did not manage to overcome the passionate feelings, so they decide to make a spell of love that can not be removed.In this way, usually girls, but sometimes by men trying to permanently bind to a loved one and revive his passion.

Species effective omens

Unfortunately, free cheese is only in a mousetrap.This simple truth applies to omens: those who work "with enthusiasm" are likely to be very risky for the life of the object of love spells and those who impose them.Experienced magicians say it is very hard to deal with the consequences of action and ritual, committed in the cemetery.With the world beyond the grave joke not worth it, otherwise you can bring trouble not only for yourself, but also on his entire clan to the seventh generation.Is the game worth the candle?Think.

In addition, such ceremonies are considered to be dangerous, "Hereafter Wedding," "Black Matchmaker," "Slave cross", "1000 units", "13 devils" and voodoo magic.Nowadays they are very fashionable.People make such omens for love alone, without the knowledge of the case without the valuable experience and knowledge.As a result, they often make mistakes that will inevitably lead to tragedy.Believe me, even the most simple ritual, made an amateur, like a monkey with a grenade: you never know where the jerk and who will suffer.

Privorot the photo

This ordinance is strong enough, so before doing so again appreciate the feelings and emotions.If confidence is like a stone wall, then proceed.It's a love spell on a man's love.It should be done on the growing moon exactly at 12 o'clock at night.All alone in a dark room light a candle, take a clean white sheet and write on it the name and surname of the object, its habits, the main character traits.Enter all the details that are essential for you.

written sheet fold in half, put in the middle of the photo favorite.The resulting design holds in his left hand while his right hand clockwise drive around it, saying warm affectionate words to the second half.Compliments combined with the name of the man, while clearly presenting the coveted image of man, his eyes, the smile, the gait.This should be done as much as your soul is required.After burn a piece of candle, previously took out a photo.Ashes collect and develop your left hand in the air.

Mirror rite

This spell of love that can not be removed, because it is made from time to time to secure the action.For starters need three church candles and two small mirrors.Do spell can be on any moon other than the full, at least three times at intervals of 3-4 days.It is better to carry out the ritual after midnight (as a last resort after sunset).Two desktop mirrors set opposite each other, that they form the so-called gallery.Between them, set a burning candle.It is necessary to hang a cloth all the other mirrors in the room, turn off electrical appliances and even a telephone.Sit in front of a mirror and a candle is lit, repeat: "(Name) Jun Jun Mogor procher."

Warning: sit and whisper a spell takes a long time - candle should burn completely and go out.All this time, strange things can happen: knocks, scratches, pictures arising in the mirror gallery.Do not be afraid and do not retreat.Imagine that these two mirror - you and loved, and candle - rival or misunderstanding between you.When it burns out, the problem will disappear.Firmly believe it.After the end of the ceremony the mirror to put the "face" down and clear away.

for single men

special spell on the girl's love allows the guy to draw attention to the person young lady.To perform the ritual necessary to buy a new gold ring.Firstly, it will be a wonderful gift to your favorite.Second, ensure the long-playing action of the ritual, as a woman will wear it almost every day.

Privorot of love girls should be given to the growing moon.Late at night neatly cut from his head three hairs: preferably before it a long time to get a haircut, that they were as long as possible.They should be wound around the ring, saying a special plot for each:

  1. first hair "(Name) let me merge hearts and minds."
  2. second: "(Name) forever stick to my body and soul."
  3. third: "(Name), I never change, will not go to another and do not cease to love."

uttering a spell, puts into words the power of feelings for a woman - the effect will be maximal.As such, the ring guard until the day when presented with his fiancee.Charmed by the hair to remove and set aside the award in a secret place: until you have them, it is impossible to neutralize the spell.

On curls

another spell on a man's love is also linked to hair and thus works perfectly.It is necessary to seriously prepare for the ritual: need not only your lock, but the hair of the second half.Also, please be two church candles: it is desirable to buy them after sunset during the evening service.Arriving home, the candles connect with the hair: one - to yours, the other - with a lock elect.To strands wound easier, heat the wax on the battery or in the palms.

then mold out candles two figures, male and female, tie their red thread, bought the day before.At the same time saying: "How am I without you I can not imagine life, and you, (name), without me you can not live."Repeat this phrase as many times as you tell the heart.The main thing, invest in a magic phrase to the full range of human emotions.Related chrysalis store in the cache.It's pretty safe to spell love: read the plot after the main ritual is necessary periodically to the growing moon, using all the same figures.Because of this you will be able to update the action of the rite.

Privorot of love (a thing)

There are several variations of such rituals.One of the most reliable do with the new towels.Adjust the situation so that the guests who came to the chosen necessarily washed his hands and wiped them with the cloth.After hide towel so far to no one for him not even touched.And waited for an opportunity, when the house is empty, and you can easily finish the rite.

Alone, tie fabric knot, saying: "Hands (name) soaps - on a towel heritage.I tie a knot - the heart of a cute tie to her.Towel raw - soul (name) for me whining.As it dry, and loved by me dry.Towel keep - his forever to his tie.No not untie knot - betrothed love his show. "Then hide the object and forget about it.

similar spell of love that can not be removed can be carried out using a simple scarf.Your significant other can wipe them not only arms, but also the face.What matters is that in the process of washing loved you staring at him, imagining your happy future.


Privorot rite of love, which can not be removed, do as well with this fruit.Before sunrise tear ripe apple in the garden and cut into halves, remove the core and seeds from the peel.In the middle to put a white piece of paper on which is written the name of a loved one with blood.At the same time it must be tied around the beam of hairs: its three and three of your own.Then the apple slices are fastened with sharp sticks and gives a fruit is completely dry up.After you wrap it in leaves and put under the mattress chosen.Spell is active until the apple is still not found.So try to safely hide a dried fruit.If you want to sew it inside the mattress - so your little secret for a long time will not be able to detect.

There are other versions of the "apple" love spell, according to which the fruit can be shrunken to dig near the house where he lives is your betrothed.Just before that Apple should tightly wrap the vacuum foil or cellophane to rain and snow did not penetrate inside, and do not wet the subject.Otherwise, all spells will be dispelled, and it is necessary to carry out the ritual again.

Payment for love

for any action committed by magic, you have to give mercy.It provides zamalivanie sin in the church, if the ritual was innocuous enough.In that case, when you have resorted to black magic, you need to bring gifts hell at the next intersection.Believe me, waving his hand at farming, you run the risk of suffering: a boomerang returns to you the deed.And well, if only you personally.And if clumsily printed on a ceremony conducted by the innocent children, grandchildren, parents of old?

As for the coveted object, it is also not really be happy.Spell for love, the consequences of which will appear first on the behavior, make him nervous, irritable, angry.Trying to force bind man to himself, you are working on his psyche, making it vulnerable and human - willed.Not understanding what is happening, he will subconsciously try to resist: the conflicts escalate into long alcoholic binges and suicide attempts.So beware: if you need such a man?Perhaps we should try to achieve the individuality of its location, natural charm and sincere feelings?Good luck to you!