How does red tree?

noble color of the wood, such as mahogany, itself always gives the interior or small notes of things of natural comfort.All products made of such material, breathe the natural beauty and energy.A flavor of wood prints in a variety of small things never ceases to attract fans of all wood to acquire or use them in your everyday life.It may be, for example, elements such home or office interior as the container for stationery sets, obuvnichki, mini-shelves for spices, various cases (knives, forks and spoons, cigars, maps, etc.), key holders, magazine racksand other useful objects.Furniture made of a material such as mahogany, the color of which always give atmosphere solidity, today is very popular not only in home use, but also in any office space.Many fans of the style or the brutal pathos often choose items made of dark mahogany.And those who like bright and rich colors, often choose lighter shades of wood.

you are thinking about what kind of mahogany color most suited to your exquisite taste?Then we offer you a small tour of the wood colors and prints.First of all, it should be noted that the color of the wood - mahogany - is actively working not only on visual perception, but also in the sense.This shade can say that it brings the smell of the prestigious Dominican or Cuban cigar, the aroma and taste of refined expensive wine, soft touch red velvet antique chairs and a feeling of warmth from the fireplace, sitting next to which you can feel all the comfort and charm of aristocratic interiors.For the situation described it is important to successfully pick up the color of the wood.Mahogany actually copes with this task.

consider several options: mahogany, red and dark red.

Mahogany also has several shades from light to dark.However, its brightness and style never leave indifferent those who appreciate the elegance and chic.On average, its color shade of the run-up is not too bright, perhaps even a muted but rich brown with a reddish tone.

mahogany furniture - a real perfection in the world of style.It creates an atmosphere of high society and aristocracy knows how to emphasize the things painted in a different color of the wood.

Mahogany - a juicy and a brighter tone.In it there is more redness, while its brown color is always lighter than the mahogany.

Very extravagant and high-end look things made of mahogany, smaller dimensions.Such, for example, as the cases for storage of chess pieces.Notice how wonderfully combined wooden box body with its velvet interior upholstery.

dark mahogany, we will mention more stringent rules and conservative.His reddish stains on the dark brown box decorate their presence and remind us of the romantic times, gentlemen.

Excellent look of this tree is not only cabinets, secretaries, and even bedroom sets.Especially if you manage to successfully combine this color with lighter furniture or white tones.