About Anna Nicole Smith will sing

British press reports that London's Royal Opera House is planning a new staging of the opera, which departs from the tragic story of the life and career of actress and model Anna Nicole Smith.The author of music - the famous composer Mark-Anthony Terneydzh.The libretto written by Richard Thomas.The director of performance assigned Elaine Padmor.
Indeed, the life of Anna Nicole Smith can serve as a source for stunning scenic action.

In 1967, the family of the simple hard workers and women - police officer's daughter was born Vickie Lynn Hogan (Anna Nicole, she became later).Pretty soon, his father abandoned the family.Vicky lived in a small Texas town, raised its main aunt, as her mother was lost at work.After graduation, she worked in a diner, married GdaƄsk cook Bill Smith gave birth to her son Daniel.After two years of marriage, she left her husband and moved to Houston in search of a better life.
built there a strip club.Special external data at the time Smith did not differ, so after a while put the first implants.Young woman and then "invested" in his chest, brought her shape and size to a certain "standard", and this brought results: once in the strip club looked elderly billionaire J. Howard Marshall, saw a stunning bust and fell in love with its owner without memory.

billionaire Smith fell asleep with money and gifts.That, in turn, attracted to alcohol and drugs.

In 1992, Vicky was chosen GUESS Agency to participate in a number of campaigns.Then she took the pseudonym of Anna Nicole Smith.After filming for the popular men's magazine Playboy and collapsed at her glory (in 1993, a survey of Smith Playboy magazine Smith recognized the sexiest woman of the year) Anna Nicole had a ball.Alcohol and drugs were her constant companions, and yet it has become far too much to eat.

In 1994, she married Marshall.But the honeymoon went with her lover.Marriage to Marshall lasted 14 months, after which the spouse died.
After his death, Anna came to grips with the numerous relatives of the late Marshall for the inheritance, and this involved the following six years.

the end of 2002, Anna Nicole Smith once again mired in scandals: mostly around its exterior.GUESS and other agencies use the body of Anna in their actions on the promotion of clothes for larger ladies, said that Smith moved from the category pyshnotelye beauties in ordinary fat woman and no longer meets the requirements of the time.Over the fullness caused Anna care of your own talk show on TV.

In 2006, the US Supreme Court recognized the rights of Smith, a significant part of a multi-million inheritance.But to enjoy the richness of the full she could not ...
February 8, 2007, at the Florida Hotel Seminole Hard Rock was found the lifeless body of 39-year-old Anna Nicole Smith.She slightly outlived her son Daniel, who died in September 2006 from an overdose.Three days before his death, Anna gave birth to a daughter - Hope Marshall Stern Dannielinn.

Not so long ago the court ruled that Dannielinn is the sole heir to a multimillion state.The Court also found that the companion died model Howard Stern and Larry Birkhead the father of the girl will conduct its affairs.

history of litigation after the death of Anna Nicole opera libretto was not included.This is known from Richard Thomas.But the story of the life of Anna Nicole - is an American story that is perfect for opera, says Thomas.Perhaps he is right.

Photo source: images.askmen.com;twincitiesnews.blogspot.com