And yet, who is a eunuch?

Many probably heard the word "eunuch."However, not everyone knows its exact value.What is a eunuch?What does he do?This word comes from the Greek enuchos, which stands for an ancient profession or position at court - "keeper of the bed."That is a eunuch - a watcher concubines in the harem of the eastern lords.

eunuch always castrated.Yes, these unfortunate people will of fate found themselves in such a terrible situation.What's wrong with that?I'm sure many, not only do not know who is a eunuch, but do not understand the meaning of the word "eunuch."This word is called the men who removed or penis or testicles, or something, and more.According to some sources, the eunuchs first appeared in Assyria, Persia and Byzantium, but other evidence suggests that the courts of Chinese nobles since time immemorial and were castrated servants.By the way, in the Far East, these courtiers performed not only the role of overseer of the harem of the emperor, but a number of important tasks and orders from his master.Eunuchs in the Ottoman Empire, now Turkey, appeared later.Since they could not think of a higher power because of the castration, it was involved in many important state affairs, while young rulers even became the most influential people of the state.

Who are eunuchs in the harem of the sultans?

Since prehistoric times royals supposed to have many wives.Of course, they needed those servants who would have imposed order in the women's realm.To do this, he needed a strong male hand.However, to avoid the temptation to women deprived of their manhood.

Conversion to castrate and held by force, and of their own accord.Sometimes boys from poor families were given the palace of the Sultan's own fathers.Teens do not even know what happened to them to happen and who is a eunuch.After going through a painful and humiliating, they were taught the responsibilities "guardian of the bed," the sultan and often reaches great heights in the management of not only the king's harem, but the whole state.

concubines and eunuchs

Many harem fell into its walls against their will.In addition, women between the Seraglio waged a fierce competition for the favor of the ruler.In the course were a variety of tricks to hurt each other, and only thanks to the wisdom and foresight of the eunuch was possible to avoid tragedies.The duties of a eunuch is to protect the harem, training concubines, their care (bathing, massage, rubbing, dressing and so on.), Support them in the chambers of Mr. and others.

in harems were frequent, and such a situation, when the girls start to eattender feelings for his guards.And what befell their disappointment when they realized who is a eunuch!But some women are still retained sympathy for the unfortunate men and even tried to brighten up their lives, this putting themselves at risk.

But among the eunuchs were those ministers, which because of its impotence devised various tests for the poor concubines, turning their lives into hell.