What is the icon "The Holy Trinity" right?

Orthodoxy - perhaps the only one of the Christian denominations, which is very developed the veneration of icons.And if Catholics to respect the sacred images, the numerous Protestant churches have unanimously accused the Orthodox almost idolatry.

In fact, the icon for the believer - not an idol, but a reminder of another world, the saints and God.The phrase "worship the icon" carries a slightly different meaning than "worship God."The icon can be compared to a photograph of a loved one that is carefully kept in the family album or hung on the wall.No one considers an idol or picture by replacing the original, even if it paid much attention.

In many religions icons there, and any images is prohibited for good reason: God did not see no one ever, since it is possible to portray neizobrazimoe?

Orthodox iconographers also did not invent, and, according to the rules, the icons displayed only what was material.

And what the icon "Holy Trinity", because God no one has ever seen!This is not quite true.We have seen their God in human form.Jesus Christ - is God and man.So at least the second person of the Blessed Trinity is quite possible to portray.I had some embodiments, and the Holy Spirit.Several times he was shown as a white dove.It was not a real dove, of course, but it can be written in this form.

So izobrazimy two Persons of the Trinity, but lacks the completeness of God the Father.Icon of "Holy Trinity" without the Father can not be.

Painters have found some way out of this situation - more or less successful.For example, there is an icon of the Holy Trinity, photo or reproduction which is in every corner of the prayer.On it sits the Son of God on the throne of Him, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father has marked some badge pouring grace.There is another option, which is called Catholic, where God the Father is depicted arbitrarily - an old man, and God the Holy Spirit - the dove.Everyone recognizes that the icon is non-canonical, that is, does not correspond to the rules of Orthodox iconography, but it is widely came into use in the 19th century.

most famous icon of the "Holy Trinity" Rublev is written.It shows the time of the Old Testament history, when Abraham came three angels.According to the interpretation of the Fathers, it was God, maybe, Andrei Rublev used only image.In any case, the icon is a unique work, not only iconography but also theological thought.Icon of "Holy Trinity" Rublev - it's not just that moment the tent of Abraham and the eternal counsel.This is suggested by the contents of the bowl on the table.In it (according to many commentators) is the sacrament, that is the blood of Jesus Christ.This is the moment of a prophecy about the future, about the incarnation of the Son of God and of His suffering.It is this mysterious meeting and called the eternal council.

icon "Holy Trinity" is mysterious, it has a large number of symbolic items, which can determine that Andrei Rublev Each angel has designated a specific person of the Holy Trinity.Discussions about it are still going on.This image is now kept in the temple at the Tretyakov Gallery.Here he is under the protection, but it can be applied, to pray to God, and put a candle.