Getting rid of stretch marks?

Beautiful body has always been admiring glances, but how to achieve and maintain a beautiful shape?Getting rid of stretch marks, which was not decorated with the figure?To achieve a beautiful appearance is necessary to use a variety of ways, it is only in the complex, you can achieve good results.This article tells how to get rid of stretch marks folk remedies, the benefits of which are natural and availability.

What are extensions?

bright scars called stretch marks on the body.The reasons for their occurrence include multiple factors, but first of all they are the result of sudden weight gain or weight loss during pregnancy, as well as engaged in heavy sports.The body of such strips does not look very attractive, and, of course, want to get rid of these troubles as soon as possible.The best way to treat fresh and shallow stretch for them to become effective in a variety of folk remedies.But a long-standing scars should be removed using a variety of cosmetic products, laser peels, mesotherapy and other advanced technologies.

prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy

This situation of women as pregnancy is undoubtedly a beautiful state, but sometimes you have to experience some unpleasant moments in the change of shape or loss of elasticity and firmness.To later not to think how to get rid of stretch marks, it is necessary at the beginning of the period to care for problem areas such as the chest, abdomen, thighs, in fact they often form scars.To do this, lubricate the body cosmetic oils and creams, which will contribute to the elasticity of the skin and help prevent stretch marks during childbearing.In addition, it is useful to wear special clothes, it can be a good prevention of stretch marks.As well as its elasticity helps douches and peelings using gloves.

How to get rid of stretch marks

good procedure to remove the tension on the body is to use a special scrub.To prepare it, you should take one glass of salt and sugar and add one hundred grams of olive oil, this tool can be used every day, and a month later the scars will become less noticeable.Get rid of stretch marks at home will help olive, orange and almond oil, they should be rubbed into the skin massaging movements, this procedure must be performed after a shower.Another healing composition which is well softens the skin and removes stretch marks is oil from wheat growths.It has a positive effect on the skin, giving it elasticity and beauty due to its high content of vitamin E. An effective tool in solving this problem will be a healing mummy.For this purpose only one gram of dissolved drug in a teaspoon of boiling water was mixed with a baby cream.Kept the cooked product in the refrigerator.Various sports, nutrition, monitoring of weight will create a harmonious and beautiful figure, and there will be no need to think about how to get rid of stretch marks.