Why can not I sleep feet to the door?

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Modern people mostly cynics.But there were also those for whom the myths and fictions signs play an important role.For example, why not give the clock?Or shake hands across the threshold?Or take out the garbage after sunset?To the list of popular will is another: why not sleep feet to the door?About her today and we'll talk.

The most common view, which can be heard from the older generation, in response to a question about why you can not sleep with his feet toward the door, is as follows: since carried out of the house of the dead.You do not want to be among them?But what to do if the bed is in this direction?There are two options: either turn over her head, or simply ignore the remark households.

But not only superstitious people attentive to accept this kind, but also those who builds his life on the system of feng shui.It says that a good rest is only possible when the body would be in the best position, will be able to relax and gain strength.Position the feet to the door ensures insomnia and broken state in the morning.

explanation of the question of why it is impossible to sleep with his feet toward the door, covered in many myths and beliefs.In the Ancient peoples of the door was a kind of symbol of the transition to another world - the otherworldly.Since the arrival of night time exacerbated all the sensations (and often the people die at night), it was decided that such a position during sleep is most threatened death.By the way, our ancestors believed that people die not only from illness or accident.Just his soul for the night came from the body of "flying" and did not have time to go back in time.It is based on this tradition that the dead endure still kicking in the door - to what he stay here, if the soul has long been in the other world.

The ancient Scandinavians there was another, no less interesting myth.In their understanding, the whole world consisted of several parts - the upper, middle and lower.In the first live higher beings, the gods, the second - the people, well, third, underground, inhabited by monsters and various monsters.It is in this last world, according to popular belief, the ancestors, and can inadvertently move the door, you are in the house.They say the legs of a sleeping person, aimed directly at the door of the bedroom - an irresistible temptation for these monsters.Still clinging to them, and will transfer to its underground dimension ...

This myth called "Ed" was one of many, which is reflected in the Slavic superstitions.If you analyze it, it becomes clear why we can not shake or pass something to someone directly over the threshold.In fact, quite useless to us so closely to deal with "a representative of the other world."For this reason, it is not necessary once again to cross the border worlds (a sign of the undesirability of returning, if you forgot something at home).

From legends to modern times: Many people argue that the situation in his sleep with his feet toward the door, they do not get enough sleep often nightmares instead of pleasant dreams, wake up broken.And after ceasing to bed, the situation changes radically.To believe in signs or not - your business, but now you know the answer to the question of why it is impossible to sleep with his feet toward the door.