What is the parade of sovereignties, and what is its purpose?

December 8, 1991 took place the so-called parade of sovereignties.In a village near the Bialowieza Forest Viskuli leaders of Ukraine, Belarus and the Russian Federation signed the act on the dissolution of the Soviet Union, which declared the formation of the CIS and the termination of the Union Treaty and on the termination of the state structures, which belonged to the former Soviet Union.In the history of this act called the Belovezhskaya agreements.

in the RSFSR June 12, 1990 there were major changes.Democrats and the Communists recognized the sovereignty of the Russian Federation.However, it was done within the Soviet Union.Countries such as Latvia and Estonia, did not even talk about its withdrawal from the USSR.

After these events started the now famous parade of sovereignties.He rolled on the remaining republics: an autonomous part of the USSR and the Union.You probably remember that the Supreme Council of the mandate for the most part belonged to the Communists.First secretary of the republican Communist Parties became the chairman of the Supreme Council (with the exception only Snegur (a simple member of the Communist Party of Moldova) and Kravchuk (secretary for ideological questions of the Communist Party of Ukraine)).

Then some of them started to proclaim himself president and the country to declare a republic.In the summer and autumn of 1990, they talked to the General Secretary Gorbachev has quite differently.However, they relied on the sovereignty of the republic, which was confirmed by the "will of the people."

By "people" understand the titular nationality and the rest of the citizens are automatically discriminated.It was ignored and union leadership, and democratic "human rights activists".All interested in the "war of laws", which flared up every day.It was attended by the Union center and "sovereign" republic.Very active are the lead in the Baltic States, Georgia and "sovereign" of the RSFSR.

March 17, 1991 a parade of sovereignties.He proclaimed the preservation of the Union.Of 185.6 million Soviet citizens had the right to vote 148,500,000 (it is about 80%).For the preservation of the Soviet Union voted 112 million.In addition, the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the all-Union and added a local referendum, which declares federal legislation over the Republican.Russian Congress announced the popular election of the president of the Russian Federation.According to official data, the majority of Ukrainians and Russians voted "for".

But, despite this, Mikhail Gorbachev throughout the fall worked on the resuscitation of the so-calledNovo-Ogarevo process.In order to create a state on a confederal basis.To do this, even invented a name SSG - the Union of Sovereign States.

November 14 Gorbachev announces the creation of a single "confederal democratic state."Yeltsin, who was standing next to him, said that all is well and the Union will continue to exist.Well, then, you know, it came all the way around.
As a result, the constitution recognizes the sovereignty of the Russian Federation.

Many states have gained independence.So now you can safely say that the parade of sovereignties led to the collapse of the Union.For better or worse, judge, certainly not us.Who knows what kind of life would we have if all this did not happen?