Deja vu - a violation of the psyche or a common phenomenon?

Deja vu - this is one of the most mysterious and little-known phenomena of the human psyche.Most people at least once in his life faced with the fact that getting into a brand new place, began to experience a strange feeling of confidence that they have been here before.Or, for example, we met people whose faces seemed very familiar.All of this has been, the only question is - when?

meaning of "deja vu" from French means "already seen."This specific mental state associated with the feeling that you have once been in a similar situation.Thus the effect of deja vu is not bound to a specific moment from the past, to have experienced the situation, rather, it refers to the elapsed time at all.And this phenomenon, according to numerous studies, is quite common.Modern psychologists believe that a feeling of "déjà vu" at least once experienced the order of 95-97% of people.

reasons for this phenomenon is not well established.Some believe that déjà vu - this phenomenon is caused by processes in the areas of the brain that are responsible for the initial perception and memory.According to this theory, a person obtained the information in some cases is first stored and only then start to analyze.Through this "feedback chain" brain, comparing the situation with the supposed onset of its copy of the available memory, it comes to the correct conclusion that it already was.

specialists in physics suggest that deja vu - a phenomenon associated with the still poorly understood characteristics of time.According to their theory, the present, past and future exist simultaneously.However, the consciousness of modern man is able to fully perceive only what is called a "here and now".Thus, the brain is "lost" part of the perceived information.Official science is not yet able to give a clear idea of ​​exactly how this mechanism works, and for a man that question contains a lot of mysteries.

Psychologists attribute the appearance of the effect of deja vu with tonkoplanovoy energy that permeates the entire Cosmos.Studies have shown that the process of thinking - is, above all, the process of generating electricity, has certain characteristics information.Experts in the field of psychology call it spiritual, psychic energy.It is thanks to her, in their opinion, some people with hypersensitive perception, thought-forms seen as fields of different colors.Depending on the power of the pump, they may be weak, medium or strong.Recent able to leave the so-called information tracks, forming a fairly powerful focus of excitation in the brain.They can be layered on top of each other, spontaneously transported in time and space, and to go back to its source.Thus, the effect of déjà vu - it is simply the result of impact of the information that went back to the man from another time.

obvious that has not yet formed a unified explanation of what is going on in the mind at the moment of deja vu, as the latter is born and what causes it.However, it is clear that this phenomenon is not a mental abnormality and is not classified as diseases or abnormalities, and therefore do not need to worry when faced with it.This is just one of the possibilities of the human brain is not yet fully investigated by scientists.