The Order of the Red Star as a symbol of courage and bravery of soldiers of the Red Army

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most expensive and coveted award for military officers of the Red Army has always been and remains the Order of the Red Star.As a mark of distinction of battles and victories the star first appeared in 1918 on the uniform of soldiers of the Moscow garrison.In a civil war five-pointed star worn on the chest under the heart, but in 1943 the Order of the metal moved to the right side.This award was worn only on festive officer's uniform.In everyday field form and the Order had the appearance of a small bracket with a length of 2.4 cm tapes. The tape was burgundy hue with a strip of pale gray in the middle.

officially and publicly the Order of the Red Star established by decree in 1930, the Central Executive Committee on April 6.The authors of the award were the sculptor VV GolenetskiiKupriyanov and artist VKIt had the appearance of a silver star, five-rays which were covered with ruby ​​red enamel.At the center of the star was placed round silver plate with the image of the Red Army soldier with a rifle.The shield also was engraved "Workers of the world unite" and just below the "Soviet Union", and under it a symbolic hammer and sickle.All logos, as well as the edge of the awards were oxidized.

Order of the Red Star weighed about 34 grams, the proportion of the total weight of silver was nearly 28 The size of the star between opposite vertices it was about 5 cm. The reverse side engraved personal number, for attachment to clothes pin was placed on it with a nut.

May 5, 1930 was made the first Statute of the Order.According to this document, the Order was awarded to military officers and other ranks of the Red Army, ships and military units, as well as their connections, enterprises, institutions, groups and organizations that have provided outstanding service in the defense of the USSR on the enemy in the war years, and inPeaceful time.

fighters who had such an important award he proudly wore the title of Knights of the Order of the Red Star.The first of these gentlemen in May 1930, he became Vasily Blyukher, who at the time commanded the Special Far Eastern Army.His star, he received a great military operations on the Chinese Eastern railway line, which was held in the summer of 1929.

Among those awarded the Order can often find those who have two or even more awards.So, for example, Army General AI GribkovAdmiral NN Amelkohave three stars, and four stars for Merit received Colonel-General, Hero of the Soviet SSR Bajdukov GFtwice Hero of the Soviet Union and Kokkinaki VKFive awards had Air Force Major General, twice Hero of the Union of Socialist Republics Stepanenko IN

first team, received the Order of the Red Star, the newspaper appeared with the symbolic name "Red Star".She was endowed award in honor of his decade in December 1933.Later, a medal was endowed with magazines such as "Aerospace", "Military knowledge", "Sea collection", "Military Gazette", "Soviet soldier."

Total of all time award the Order of the Red Star was awarded a 3.8 million. Soviet and foreign citizens.In recent years, the "life" of the Soviet Union ruby ​​stars for deeds and wounded on the battlefield began to give to the soldiers in Afghanistan.And today this symbol of courage can be seen not only in the chest elderly veteran, but a young soldier, had time for his years of experience fear, pain, despair and such a nice taste of victory.