Frameless glazing

The use of frameless glass in today's Russia is beginning to gain relevance.Increasingly, frameless glazing can be seen in the homes of our cities.Frameless Glass is a broad scope for its implementation, including at oblogorazhivanii adjacent to the house territory.I'm sure many of you have thought about using this technology in their home!But as always, the buyer raises the question of possible difficulties, the presence of which is not always obvious.In this article, we deliberately draw your attention to the most important nuances that are worth keeping in mind when choosing frameless glass.

Advantages of frameless glass

Obviously, the most important advantage of frameless glass is its unique appearance, its unique aesthetics, which you can contemplate every day and that will become part of your life.It frameless glazing makes it possible to evaluate their owners all the beauty of the world, located behind their window.Frameless glazing makes it possible to use the maximum natural light to illumi

nate the interior space of your apartment.

Normally the windows are always vertical jumpers, do not give the opportunity to fully feel the effects of open space.Frameless Glass is devoid of such shortcomings.Frameless glazing allows for a couple of seconds to free up more space, converting a closed area in the summer terrace.

technological solution frameless glass is directed to the security and convenience in terms of regular use.Operation of frameless glass is quite possible, and in the cold season.Design characteristics of the valves in the perild not come into disrepair.Opportunities offered by the frameless glazing for the realization of design ideas are quite incredible.

As for reliability frameless glass, it is necessary to say that with frameless glass tempered glass is used for the partition that you want to apply a lot of effort with the use of solid metal objects.Let you not be fooled by such a fragile kind of design because of its characteristics, it is suitable for all the necessary safety requirements.

Disadvantages frameless glass

Frameless glazing has several negative characteristics:

high thermal conductivity .Frameless Glass does not always give to save the indoor temperature with the required performance and in this aspect it can play even simple glazing.

bad noise insulation characteristics .Talk about the good sound insulation characteristics using frameless glass does not make sense, it has to cope with this task better than conventional glass.

On frameless glass-glass design street dust and dirt is more visible, which requires regular care.Regarding the use of mosquito nets, it is simply not possible in view of design features frameless glass.

rational solution

When selecting any option glazing to the customer is the problem of optimal choice.Well weighing all the good and negative aspects of frameless glass, you will be able to make a rational decision.If the external beauty of your home is for you the most important aspect of it is not necessary to think especially!Frameless glazing, undoubtedly, will please you for many years, the main thing that his weaknesses were not a surprise to you.