Lapis lazuli stones: heal the soul and heal the body

Stones "lapis lazuli" familiar to most Russians.Of them make inexpensive, but very beautiful jewelry: bracelets, rings with stones, necklaces.This mineral is very soft, it is easy to process.Jewel lapis very tight.He is always in dark blue.Sometimes it specifically stained.The most valuable is considered a stone with gold sparkles of pyrite.

lapis lazuli stones.The chemical composition of

Lapis - is an aluminosilicate with varying amounts of sulfur.The more sulfur, the richer, brighter color of the stone.Especially prized dark blue, purple or deep blue lapis lazuli stones.For inexpensive jewelry using green, gray or mixed shades of the stones.Often it contains inclusions of pyrite lapis lazuli.Then he poured the golden or silver sequins.The nature of lapis lazuli stones are found most often in the form of plates.The crystals are in the form of an octahedron are rarer, and they cost more.Lazurite is conventional cubic structure in which the chlorine ions are arranged in the center and in the corners and surround them with sodium ions.Experts called lapis lazuli, not only stones, but also rock, which is composed of fused grains of lapis lazuli, dolomite and several other breeds.Stones mined in Russia, Chile, Afghanistan, the United States and other countries.

Properties and application

always believed that lapis lazuli - a stone of God's elect.Extraordinarily beautiful, especially in sunlight, lapis lazuli is able to purify the human aura, clear it of bad thoughts and bad attitudes.Lapis - stone (photo) nobility, sincerity, high intentions.If you want to express your favorite their honest hearts; give her this gem: she will appreciate your generosity.Moreover, it is believed that lapis lazuli helps its owner to become compassionate and responsive, it contributes to its spiritual growth, multiplies wisdom and helps to choose the right path in life.The stone attracts good luck and success, it helps find true love.Man wearing jewelery made from lapis lazuli, never commit unjust acts.Traditional healers believe that it is able to accelerate the healing of burns.It perfectly removes the pain of bruises and injuries, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.The stone that fits all signs of the zodiac, must-carry.This will help the owner avoid dangerous situations, protect him from injury.If lapis lazuli in gold worn around the neck, it will help to strengthen the mind and the physical body.Pregnant it protects against toxicity and facilitates childbirth.With lapis lazuli can cure migraines (this stone is placed on the nose).The stone is worn around the neck like a necklace, eliminates nervous excitement, lowers blood pressure, erasing the bitter memories.Some healers even argue that such a necklace can restore the mind mentally ill.Some healers believe that, looking at the evening, the blue or blue lapis lazuli, can restore vision.Pounded into a powder and added to the drinking stone rescues from poisoning, prints poisons.