Motherland, winning and grieving

In every city in the Soviet Union and often in rural areas, monuments have been erected to commemorate the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and independence of our country.In the European part, a significant part of which was the scene of terrible battles, these monuments and gravestones became thousands and thousands of soldiers, the names of many of them have remained unknown.

Monuments sometimes depict warriors, sadly slopes banners and head, sometimes soldiers rush to the attack, and their faces express the fearless determination.In Moscow and other capitals have cenotaph, located in the Sea cities of Odessa and Novorossiysk - sailor.

All these statues, steles and obelisks are grateful for the valor of our grandfathers and great grandfathers.They look very courageously, as if telling us living today: "Remember the Heroes, grandfathers and great-grandfathers."And we remember.

But there is another character who has become a legendary part of our history.It Motherland.The image of her as abstract as the faces of the soldiers, sailors, partisans on monuments.It has incorporated the features of your face tens of millions of women who carried out the front of their children and did not wait for their winning pace at the door of his home.

In many big cities there are monuments.The most famous of them was the sculpture "The Motherland Calls" in Volgograd, symbolizing the country.Giant sculpture is very dynamic, she swung at an invisible enemy sword clutched in his right hand, left hand, calling to follow her countless armies of public defenders.Mighty its movement, and there is no doubt that the impact will be devastating.

colossal size sculpture "Motherland", its height is 85 meters.She is very well-made, its author, EV Vucetich, who developed the concept of art and engineer Nikolai Nikitin, to implement the idea in stone, showed remarkable talent.The whole composition is dedicated to the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, it makes an indelible impression on everyone who visited the Mamayev Kurgan.The basis of design is read by analogy with the Greek goddess Nike, the symbol of the people's power, giving resistance to the enemy and carrying his death.The terrible events of the Volga in 1942 - an example of fighting an unprecedented scale, so heroic was the main motive of the monument.

Like a Virgin in various guises, Motherland expresses many feelings, embraces the soul of everyone who thinks about the war.After all, except for the bloody attacks and hot battles it was sad.Millions of today's older generation, many of whom in those terrible years were children, did not wait for their fathers.Each Motherland for them - as their own mother or grandmother.Not always the faces of these women expressed flushed with victory, it happened otherwise.

In Kharkov, in the Belgorod highway, in Forest Park, in memory of the heavy bloody battles in 1943 was built the Memorial of Glory.It does not remain indifferent after his visit.Laconic solutions manifested in the design of modest central sculpture.Motherland is a middle of the alley, her face does not express anger, there is no celebration.Even sorrow not.The woman wept all the tears of her left.Work-worn hands clasped, back straight, she gazes into the distance, and the trees softly hear the beating of a mother's heart.

Monuments are so different, and there is no contradiction.Each of them has become part of our culture and a symbol of the main feat of the Great Patriotic War - Mother feat.