How to create a decorative pond with film material

Decorative ponds and creating - a laborious process.Nevertheless, the presence of such a composition gives an original and unique look of the garden.

arrange a body of water in two ways: either buy a ready-made form in the store, or buy a film material that will be somewhat cheaper.We will go through the second.

PVC film is produced with different thickness.For a reservoir to a depth of one and a half meters will suit the material thickness of 1.5 millimeters.It may be used and rubber coatings that are more durable.

Before starting work, should decide where to house our decorative pond.It is advisable to choose a place away from trees, as over time the roots are leakproof design.Plus film ponds that they can be made of any shape.The ditch is dug under the decorative pond with two stages, it is possible and more.What is it?The first stage is intended for aquatic plants, and the second, upper - to enhance the shoreline.This is optional, if you do not want to plant aquatic plants.Moat to dig in view of the subsequent backfilling with gravel and sand.

need for bank stabilization curbs small size, which are set on a pre-prepared site (upper level) and cement.Before proceeding to other works, it is necessary to wait, to give a solution to dry.You can then proceed to the next step.

To strengthen the floor into a pit filled gravel, leveled and compacted, followed by a layer of sand.This gravel-sand cushion will play the role of protection.If the first film to lay on the sand, then the chances of leakage and thus leak.To avoid this trouble, geotextiles used.It is a dense and thick white material that does not rot and has a long service life.

After this film can be laid directly.With its choice of material is better to give preference to gray or colored marsh.This will help to make a harmonious whole composition.In order to foil smoothed along the banks, our future we have decorative pond fill with water, but not completely.Now you need to trim the excess film.She clipped office knife, taking into account the overlap on the curb - about 20 centimeters.Then, the upper limit is filled with gravel or pebbles in order to hide the excess film.Thus, a decorative pond will have a rocky shore.

main job is done, you can begin to direct decoration.Aquatic plants, it is desirable to put in special containers, it will facilitate care for them in the future.Decorative pond, more precisely, its shore, you can plant flowers such as irises, roses, Nymphaeum.For a more aesthetic appearance can add rocks rounded shape is medium in size, or plate.

To make the pond originality in composition can include a small waterfall, this is done using a special pomp pumps, which can be purchased in the store for pets.

decorative pond in the country can be provided with walkways.Their use will be more harmonious if the area is arranged several ponds, connected by streams.It is not a rule, everyone can do what he wants it.