A small argument about why the work of the different evaluated

Almost every once thought about why some people, working 12 hours a day, earn a penny, and others on a lighter work receive much higher salaries.To understand why the work is evaluated differently, and consequently, paid for, you must first understand what is work.

The cornerstone

There are two kinds of work.The first of these is called physical.By the way, many unknowingly confuse it with difficulty as a whole.It is fundamentally wrong, because in the first place to work is important, not the physical strength and the ability to use it properly.But the latter refers to the mental work and it later.

To understand how the estimated human labor engaged in physical work, it is necessary to recall the energy consumption.Reducing, muscle expend some energy, which is needed to make up for food and rest.Depending on the load and the level of energy consumption, physical work is divided into three groups.

  • Light - this definition fits most sedentary or light work is not related to some of the stress and weight lifting.

  • average physical work - a work done standing or associated with constant movement and transfer of light (10 kg) objects.
  • Heavy physical work is characterized by a constant voltage, as well as lifting and carrying heavy loads.

set forth above for each species has its own rules and regulations designed to reduce the wear on the body from constant load.For example, when heavy physical work needed regular breaks and a full sound sleep.Otherwise, hard work will lead to the depletion of the body.It also serves as one of the reasons why work is estimated differently.

ability to think

Mental labor, as opposed to physical, can not be assessed with simple criteria.You can try to describe the work by the number of memorized information or by the speed with which a person will handle it all.But it is not possible to fully assess the work of each of us.

significant role in the mental work plays an ability to make quick decisions and take responsibility for them.These qualities are essential for many professions.It should be remembered that the processing and analysis of large amounts of information required to mobilize attention.Working head can be tiring, no less than the dragging of gravity, except that it will be a completely different fatigue.

How is work

work each person is evaluated on multiple criteria.And usually first all remember the time spent on an activity.For some professions it is quite true, and there is even the salary is calculated according to the time worked.

But how valued the work of those who are not working at the time, and the result?It all depends on the employer.Of course, it can not assign absolutely poverty wages for hard work.But the level of payment depends entirely on the decision of the head.And this, in turn, is one of the answers to the question of why the work is valued differently.Every employer has an opinion as to how much to pay a specific person.And some special logic in the decision of the head look is not necessary.

knowledge base

main criteria for evaluating work have always been and will be knowledge and experience.And it is not alone, but together.The young specialist in any field knows a lot, but few know how.Knowledge itself is almost useless if people can not put them into practice.Therefore, salaries of experienced workers is so different from income newcomers.Although the latter is often much smarter, faster, stronger and younger.

Conclusion Now you know why work differently estimated, and it can help you take a fresh look on his salary and income of your subordinates.