Pokemon characters.

Although the anime of Pokémon appeared a long time ago, they still remember and know.On television, this cartoon was a decade ago.But he created on the basis of a lot of computer games.Pokemon characters continue to "live" now the heroes of games, entertaining fans on a variety of gadgets.

most popular Pokemon - characters, names and characteristics of which are given below - are still competing for the sympathies of fans of cartoons and games with the modern heroes of the genre.


This Pokemon is a leader in popularity.It is smart, with a cheerful disposition electric mouse.He has the ability to let electrical charges, thus fighting the enemy.Pikachu does not like pokeboly as experience fear, being in a confined space.These Pokémon good relations with Charmander and Squirtle.


also very popular Pokemon.Member List command "P", to which it relates, is small.It helps Jessie and James to catch rare Pokemon and engaged in their rehabilitation, although in reality it's more like tyranny and abuse.Meowth - amateur fights, victories that gave him particular pleasure, since it is very ambitious.But fierce battles he often does not pay attention to the important stuff, and miss them out of sight.That is why his team - in the loser.He is a very mercantile, his passion for money sometimes goes beyond the limits of reasonableness.He can roam the streets at night in search of lost somebody coins.

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Its popularity was on the rise.At first, he was not as well known, but now it is often chosen characters.Pokémon of this type a few.But unlike the others (for example, Ponity and Rapidasha) he was so lazy that he did not want to go up and move.He is very slow, one might even say, fizzled.In the battle of it is not of much use.Even to understand that he is bitten, it takes almost a minute.It evolves easily.It is enough to lower the tail in the water and wait until it bites Shelder.Immediately after that, it goes to a new stage of evolution and transformed into Sloubro.But even with this improved view also need to stock up considerable patience.


Characters Pokémon can evolve from the smallest to the huge.It is so Gayardos.This monster having the body of a snake and a dragon's mouth, evolving from a weak nondescript fish - Madzhikarpa.It is also surprising that in the process of converting to its water elements added even flying.He is very strong, and its belligerence sometimes goes beyond all limits.It is capable of crumbling rocks fins and anger can cause a storm, a storm or typhoon.


Catch it quite difficult.To do this, you need to put a lot more effort than hunting for other Pokemon.Did you hear about it all the fans of the games, but that's not all met.Mewtwo created in the laboratory on Cinnabar Island.This event was the result of long experience in the field of genetics.

scientists aim was to create a versatile live combat vehicle.It is for this and created a new pokemon.He was named Mew.But things did not go as expected, scientists.He was almost unmanageable, extremely violent and aggressive.Mewtwo second generation is available for search only after winning a battle with the four strongest.

There are other Pokemon characters whose popularity is very high.This Bulbozavr on the back which throughout life growing plant shoots.And Charmonder, which at the tip of the tail is a fire.And Squirtle, able to conduct long-term aquatic attack with precision and power.A Vartotal, for example, has a long bushy tail, which is a symbol of wisdom and longevity.Blastoys has not as fast as many other Pokémon, but its advantage is the power that is in large water gun, fires a huge jets of water.A very popular and legendary pokemon Artikuno that can create blizzards by converting moisture in the air in the snow.

cartoon "Pokemon", whose characters were the heroes of popular computer games, probably deserve to see it.Bizarre creatures and cause sympathy, and inspire terror, and some combine both good and bad.