Organization - an artificial system

organization - is an artificial system formed man.Creating a structure in accordance with a definite plan (draft).Largely group and individual behavior of people depend on their belonging to one or another structure.In this society generates independent elements for the continuation of its existence.The organization is a subject and object of the society.At the same time, regardless of a relatively independent unit, this design has specific needs, values, interests, offering the public the results of its activities, services, and presenting him with a number of requirements.Organization - is the most common form of identity.This system is considered to be the basic unit of society.

concept and features

Organization - a relatively independent element of the social system.Through this active ingredient is carried out breaking of the interests of society and the individual.A special importance is the role of the structure in the regulation of joint action.Discusses the concept can be interpreted not only as a phenomenon, but as a process.In the latter case, there is a set of activities that lead to the formation and strengthening of interaction between the components.An example is the sales organization or the formation of the working group.Regulation of the activities carried out by means of laws, codes and other regulations.In carrying out the activities of special importance is the systematic approach.It requires consideration of internal and external key components that influence the decision of those or other decisions.In addition, also applies pronged and integrated approach.The latter requires the compilation and accounting of priority components.To approach the aspect characteristic evaluation of certain elements in the synthesis or analysis of any process.The organization - a structure which can not exist outside of society.In some cases, the implementation of an activity is an integral part of a large-scale event.For example, a catering school plays a major role in ensuring the health of children.It is a component-saving health.

Management Basics Effective regulation processes within the organization is ensured by compliance with the goals and objectives of structure activity.

The design there is a certain framework.

He is considered the basis for the formation of a number of administrative functions, contributes to the definition of employee engagement within the system.

The organizational structure set certain common set of assumptions and proposals, pre-reflective or other liability of the members of those or other decisions.

The design of a system of sub-goals.

She always serves as a criterion in the selection process of preparing decisions in different parts of the organization.