What they wagtail chicks?

Wagtail - birds living almost everywhere.Exceptions are the islands in the Pacific and Antarctica.Some species nest even in the Arctic tundra and on the island of South Georgia in the sub-Antarctic zone.On the territory of the Russian Federation is the most common white wagtail.Dwellings these birds often built close to the ground in a dense thick vegetation, but often under the roofs of houses, in attics, in the cracks of walls, in the hollows of trees, in rock crevices, in holes on the steep banks of the river.Jack is extremely simple in design, is a bowl.Couple builds it from the blades of grass, animal hair, feathers and down.Fledgling Wagtails are born helpless, but developing very fast.At the age of crescent baby starts independent life.

Wagtail pair up immediately upon arrival from wintering.Occupies an area to house their future home, but the nest begin to build just one month later.In areas with cold climates wagtails do one clutch per year, in the South - 2, sometimes 3 chicks in the nest wagtail spend an average of about 2 weeks.Their meals are engaged in both parents, and, feeding takes up to 300 times a day.The chicks are on the wing after 10 days of life, and often fly out of the nest before they learned to fly.Parents finish feeding them on the ground, if the kids do not die.Wagtail - wonderful parents.During brooding and fledging the birds strictly adhere to their land territory.The nest sits female.This continues for 2 weeks.The nest may be from 1 to 9 eggs.The male brings food to the female and behaves very aggressively towards other birds, you dare to trespass.

wagtail chicks are born blind, covered with thin down.Their body is not able to observe the thermal balance, and the female has a brood week warms your body.When the kids leave the eggs, caring mother immediately clears the socket on the shell, carries her away from home and trying to break even.And in time to carefully removes litter.The male continues to care for her family alone.When the chicks are covered with feathers wagtail, parents begin to nurse offspring together.After the start of an independent life youth united in the pack.They are fairly easy to distinguish from adult birds of immature forms, the presence of fluff and unexpressed color.Chicks wagtails the end of August - the time of departure to wintering areas - completely transformed in adult birds.This small birds: depending on the type, between 13 and 22 centimeters in length.The body is elongated, thin.A small round head on a short neck with a long thin beak curved shiloobraznym.Wings pointed bimodal.Depending on the type of tail is long or medium, formed 12 steering feathers.Eyes hazel color.Sexual dimorphism is virtually nonexistent.Wagtail easy to breed in captivity.In this case, they are loyal to other types of birds, refers to the man without fear.