Galium verum: useful properties and use in folk medicine

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Galium verum - is a perennial herb, representative of the family Rubiaceae.It has a delicate branching stem, which reaches 80-85 cm in height, and sharp leaves narrowly linear form.Flowers with a delicate scent of honey collected a thick mop and similar in shape to the pyramid.Blossoms bedstraw present from mid-summer through fall.

locus of: Siberia, the Far East, Ukraine, the Caucasus, Belarus and Central Asia.It occurs on dry hills and meadows, as well as in the forest zone.If you're wondering how it looks herb, then look at a real lady's bedstraw, a photo of his habitat, you can print editions: scientific journals and encyclopedias.

use bedstraw, composition and properties

for traditional medicine Galium verum is a medicinal plant, mainly used rags and his flowers.Procurement of raw materials is carried out in the period of time when the grass blooms.Collect, and then allow to dry outdoors in the shade or indoors.Information about the beneficial properties of plants bedstraw, photos of his can be found in this article, as well as encyclopedias.The representatives of the plant world devoted a whole series of books, articles and photographs.Consider the beneficial properties of the bedstraw.Fabrics include its large number of mineral elements.This vitamin C, dye components, citric acid, phenol carbonic, gallic acid.Also, saponin, glycoside, coumarin, flavonoid and trace elements necessary for the human body: Mn, Fe, Zn.Galium verum valued and used as an analgesic agent, an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, choleretic, laxative, hemostatic, firming body action.

used in case of problems with the nervous system.It epilepsy, convulsions;skin diseases, kidney swelling, headache, hemorrhoids.In short, the action spectrum properties of plants is very wide.For example, a powder made from leaves Galium verum, used in the treatment of bleeding wounds and severe diarrhea.Baths infusion of his doing, when a person abscesses, boils, eczema, skin rash.Infusions used since ancient times, when there was fatigue and sleepiness.A tea made from the roots of the grass drinking specifically to improve sexual activity.Juice from green mass used in the treatment of dermatitis, conjunctivitis, and is used as an antiemetic.

Recipes therapeutic agents

Here are some recipes from the funds of the bedstraw:

  1. Crush 40 grams of dried herbs, then pour a liter of water, bring to a boil.Simmer 15 minutes, then filter the.You can apply for one-fourth cup 4 times a day.
  2. of fresh herbs bedstraw squeeze out the juice.Drink the contents of two glasses, three times per day.
  3. tablespoon dried herbs bedstraw poured 400 g of boiling water, then infused 2-3 hours and take 4 times a day before meals.


Galium verum - this poisonous plant.Therefore, use it with care, to determine the dosage.Also consult before using it with your doctor.