How to make a banquette in the kitchen

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word "stool" came to us from the French language.This item appeared a long time ago.It is worth noting that this prototype normal stools, having original and more elegant shape, became a symbol of the many interiors of France.Benches were placed in the most secluded corners, where the meeting loved ones or business conversations.However, today such a piece of furniture has not lost its relevance.His often take to put in the office or in the living room.And someone is trying to make their own banquette in the kitchen or the living room.It should be noted that such original chair takes a little space.This allows it to deliver even in a very small room.

What are banquettes

How to make a banquette in the kitchen with his hands?The first step is to decide on its shape and material of which it is made.At the moment we know only two kinds of such interior items: with back and without.Each model has its advantages and disadvantages.The most simple in terms of design - without back.But do not install it in the kitchen.Especially if the size of it is very small.The best option - a stool with a back to the kitchen.Outwardly, this model resembles a chair.Of course, the space it will occupy much more.If the banquette with back decided to buy in the store, you should prepare for the fact that its price is high enough.If the kitchen small size, it is better to make a piece of furniture without backs.

material for banquettes

Before you start creating a piece of furniture, you need to determine the choice of fabric and of course, the basic material.This point is very important.To create original banquettes, you can use almost any material.In this regard, there are no restrictions.But mostly used for these purposes tree.If this piece of furniture to sheathe neat and dense fabric, it will last a very long time.Besides wooden stool can become a decoration for the kitchen.

For upholstery, you can use silk or leather.Products covered with such materials will look good in the room, which is designed in a modern style or in a classic.

today can be made banquette in the kitchen of metal.These products look excellent in a room where everything matches the style of hi-tech.To make better use of the frame chrome.And for the skin - natural leather or her substitute.Bench made of these materials will be well to emphasize the basic style.

Produce banquette with their hands

Can I make banquette in the kitchen by yourself?No problem.Of course, the product is created in the home, not like a factory, but it can be done quite functional and original.

first step is to prepare material: leather, foam, colored plastic and plywood.Plywood and plastic should be cut facets of the future chair.In this case, you should get a stool for the kitchen drawer.Thereafter, the parts must be connected.For this adhesive may be used.As a result, the parties have gained a strong future framework banquettes.With regard to the lid, then for its production need to use two layers of plywood and a layer of plastic.After the chair has to withstand heavy loads.If desired, make three layer plywood without plastic.

When the sides and lid banquettes are ready, you can proceed with their connection.This will require the aluminum profile.Because it is necessary to cut the strip that will fit the size of the previously prepared parts.Ready verge fastened with screws.There should be more attentive.Fixed profile should remain inside the product.Screws that are fastened side banquettes, after work, you need to saw off the inside.This method is necessary to collect a box without a lid.Bench in the kitchen is almost ready.

Cover for banquettes

cover future product should be collected separately.For this purpose, it is glued foam.After that, all covered with leather.To consolidate the material on the lid, you can use regular metal brackets and a stapler.It remains the last step: fixing the cover on the banquette.Best option - to set the grand piano or furniture hinges.You can also use Velcro.

That's all banquette with storage compartment for the kitchen is ready.As you can see, this piece of furniture is made of the available and inexpensive materials.

How do banquette from the old table

often at home are absolutely unnecessary things that can be converted, to give them a second life.For example, perfectly fit into the interior sofa stool for the kitchen.You can make the furniture from the old coffee table.

First we need to remove the cover, after removing the screws.Countertops have to turn the pencil and circle along the contour of the ground.Jigsaws need to cut off all unnecessary.After that, the base is painted, covering all aspects of primer.The paint is sprayed best spray.

Now you can start manufacturing the soft top.To do this, take the foam and cut out the part that corresponds to the size of the frame.The countertop should be prepared to make holes with a small drill.It is necessary to create Karetnaya ties.On the need to put a layer of foam padding polyester.All the cover cloth.

The soft part of the banquettes to skip buttons.The first step is to identify the places where it will be in the details.Button threading a needle, sew it to the upholstery so as to form a dimple.The tips of the tissue is better to fix a stapler.Four-wheel coupling to look more attractive, you need every fold gently straighten the arms and iron iron.

At the edge of the soft banquettes can attach pigtail appropriate shade.A new piece of furniture ready.

In conclusion

Bancettes often can be seen in the kitchen.After all, this piece of furniture will easily where there is little space for the sofa.This allows you to make such a product is something new in the design.As a result, stool is not just an element of a full kitchen, but also a kind of adornment.