What are the goals extracurricular activities

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Very often, in educational institutions extracurricular activities is considered to be something minor, not requiring attention.Although this work is aimed at creating conditions to enable the students to form the personality and creativity, the ability to apply knowledge obtained in the classroom into practice.In the second generation of the GEF, which entered recently in educational institutions, it emphasizes that it is the activities undertaken outside the lesson should be an integral part of the whole learning process.

In this regard, developed quite a large number of training programs, which are working in this direction.All of them must meet the following specifications.

Firstly, to be relevant, that is, it is necessary at this time and for a specific student population.

Secondly, but not least, the program for which is carried out extracurricular activities, should be taken in accordance with the age and individual characteristics of pupils.Lessons should be interesting to do for kids, they are recommended to wake up the motivation for further study.The results obtained by the students, should be, first of all, personality, and then substantive or metasubject.

extracurricular activities in the modern school should occupy a significant part of the educational process.This requires close cooperation of schools with school institutions, the purpose of which is to work efficient organization of leisure activities for children.Among the advantages of this partnership is to provide ample opportunity for the child's choice of the scope and type of activities.This makes focus on personal interests, needs and abilities of schoolboys.

properly structured system in which conducted extracurricular activities allows the child to develop as a person and also get good results in teacher education.It should be noted that this work - not just a "supplement" to the educational process, aiming to compensate for deficiencies in the training of gifted children or lagging.The bottom line here is the formation (on the basis of common interests) community general and additional education that will ensure the completeness and integrity in the education and development of the citizens of the new society.The aim of this cooperation is a successful adaptation of the child to the modern social and cultural conditions through the creation and enrichment of the educational space microsocium student.

extracurricular forms of learning can be used variety.The most effective is the gaming activity, especially for younger students.You can use social-simulation game, which contributes to the formation of the valuable relation to the environment, as well as gaining experience of independent social action.

class work - an activity which takes place with the teacher and the students in addition to covering the training sessions.A striking example in this direction is the class hour.However, apart from the traditional form of the meeting, when the main part of the event says the teacher may hold it as a debate, speech propaganda teams, the competition program, and so on. D. It will enhance the children will contribute to the formation of their active life position, involvement in social life,Development of motivation.

effectively organize extracurricular activities helps to get good results of education.To do this, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the child and the tendency to create a situation of success, choose on their liking for each individual.