How it should be organized labor protection in school?

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Occupational safety in the school, as well as any other institutions, should be organized on a mandatory basis.The first responsibility for this administration.In addition to her work in this direction has been specially trained officer, safety engineer.It provides for the establishment of the Commission on Security and management for several blocks.

Firstly, the need to develop local acts.These include orders, regulations, by which regulates the protection of labor in school instruction on the topic for almost all employees.

Next, you need to carry out training, which includes primary and follow-up briefings, examinations on this topic and the issue of certain licenses.Responsible for the way work is carried out in the school guard, certify workplaces, provides fire and electrical safety, safe working conditions and to prevent injuries.

to engineer (specialist) in this area of ​​work to involve here many people as possible, and thus not only facilitate the task, but also improve the efficiency of its activities, in addition to this, it is necessary to develop and approve documents that would comply with national regulations.Among them are advised to make the draft order (which later would be consistent with the administration of the educational institution) on the distribution of responsibilities, the appointment of responsible persons.Also developed the Regulation on Safety and authorized persons involved in this.Among other things, drawn up a work plan that defines the annual activity specialist.

The Commission, in most cases, except for the person occupying the position of Engineer, Deputy administered.Directors, honey.workers, trade union members.Their activities are regulated by legal and legislative acts of the Russian Federation, the collective agreement, local acts of the educational institution.The committee members are periodically trained in specialized courses on specific topics.

Any instruction on labor safety in the school must meet the recommendations given to the design documentation.They are designed for every member of the team, from the laboratory to the teachers and administration, and the specific nature of the post.Staff are familiar with the document by hand.

members of the commission, which is under the supervision of labor protection, are entitled to receive from the director of information about what is being done to improve the conditions of employment, the harmfulness of production, provides funding for these purposes.In addition, they can participate in the coordination and development issues regulations within their competence.For violations of rules, regulations and instructions with respect to which health and safety, possible involvement of employee to disciplinary action.This question is put to a general meeting or is negotiated personally with the manager.

In addition, for the active participation in the activities and measures aimed at improving safe and healthy working conditions, it is possible to develop and agree with the administration of incentives.

Thus, the work, the task of which - labor protection at school, should be conducted in the first place, for prophylactic purposes.This will help prevent injuries in the workplace and reduce the number of occupational diseases related to dangerous working conditions.If necessary, employees are provided with a professional shoes, clothing, means of protection (especially true for the chemistry laboratory rooms, the. Employees and .T. D.).This must be respected sanitary standards and working conditions.