Growing mulard ducklings on the plot

Ducks mulard - breed, bred by crossing domestic musk and white Peking duck.This hybrid is absolutely sterile.However, the females lay eggs, but not fertilized.This variety is bred broiler for meat and liver.The cultivation of this breed ducklings - not too difficult because they usually have plenty of health.In addition, the cross is very productive, and the flesh has a wonderful taste.Much more difficult, in fact, bring the ducklings.

fact that musk ducks and Peking greatly differ in the way of care.In addition, the structural features of the body of these two species are often hinder effective pairing.Ducklings mulard output in the incubator.The yield depends on what it is used for male mating.It is best suited for this purpose, the most active individuals.On one drake should have no more than four ducks.Subject to these conditions, the yield can reach 80%.Sometimes used in vitro fertilization.

successful rearing ducklings mulard is only possible to create the right conditions in the room where they are kept.Before hatching barn must be carefully prepared.Paul previously wake lime at the rate of half a kilogram per square meter.Then arrange a layer of litter from sunflower husks or sawdust.Its optimum thickness - 15 cm. Subsequently, when the content of the birds from time to time have to update.

growing ducklings this breed does not differ from any rearing broilers.Incubator hatched chicks are able to feed himself very badly.Therefore, at first, they need a little help.To do this, each duckling beak buried in a weak solution of potassium permanganate (a couple of drops) and poured on a flat, no contaminated surface crumbled egg yolk.It can be used for this purpose conventional plywood.

wishing to breed this breed should know that growing ducklings has some peculiarities.The main is that the chicks should be getting a lot of greens.It can start adding the feed mulard on the third day, pre-chopped.Further, when the kids are a little older, they can be to walk.Although the presence of a reservoir for these ducks are not considered mandatory if the area has a brook or pond, they should be used for walking young.At the same time, be aware that the water in the incubator chicks can run not before as they will have a good tail.

A few days after the first try mulard grass, you gradually begin to enter into the diet and other products - Crushed, boiled potatoes, whey, etc.Growing ducklings cross is made up to 60 days of age.Next comes their juvenile molt and growth stops, and therefore continue to feed them is not appropriate.Yes overexposed and process carcasses of ducks is more difficult because of growth in the third month they began to form feather stumps.In doing so they completely lose their marketability.

Thus, under certain rules can be vykormleny ducklings are great Broilers.Growing them requires some experience and patience, but nothing particularly complex is different.