What to feed the tomatoes: tips

For each person it is evident that not always, even at maximum effort, manage to get a decent crop.It's not about the number and total weight of the fruit, though it is also an extremely important indicator.But it is possible to collect a mountain of vegetables, taste of which will be not up to par.Why does it depend?The cultivation of vegetables is not small things, it is important to all: the timing Bedding or greenhouse seedlings, watering schedule, right pasynkovanie.But there is nothing that does not affect the taste of the fruit as fertilizer.Therefore, in this article we will talk about what to feed the tomatoes in a greenhouse and open field.

Driving feeding tomatoes in greenhouses and in open ground is almost the same, the only difference is that there is no single fertilizer immediately after transplanting.


Some inexperienced gardeners ask themselves: "Why invent than to feed the tomatoes to grow?"In a certain part of people have formed a clear opinion: fertilizer - it's bad.For such statements are reasonably, if a lot of fertilizer, they are not only bad for the plants but also laid in the fruit, making them unpalatable, inedible or unsafe for human health.Therefore, it is important to adhere to the recommended concentration.

However, thinking about what to feed the tomatoes, still have.After all, in order to form one quintal of tomatoes, the plant should process about 0.25 kg of nitrogen, 0.15 kg phosphorus and potassium to the pound.


When it comes to what to feed the tomatoes, most people choose only the root feeding.However, there is a way to make all the nutrients, bypassing the root system.By analogy with the person it looks like this: medication, entered through the stomach (the soil) are slower than those that entered the body through the bloodstream (absorbed from the surface of the leaves).

foliar application is carried out with special preparations, such as "Master" or "Plantafolom" conventional mineral or organic compounds for this purpose are not suitable.Such feeding is very convenient to combine with a sprinkle of various pests and diseases.

The feed tomatoes: the classical scheme of fertilizer application

Schedule fertilizer application is made individually for each case, but you should observe a few general rules:

- tomatoes fertilized 4-5 times per season;

- timely watering is very important: the nutrients should not lie dead weight in the dry land, and come to the plants along with water;

- an abundance of moisture leads to leaching of fertilizer, so the rainy summer and in poor soils the number of feedings is doubled, but the amount of introduced agents is reduced by about a third;

- root feeding can be carried out by special mineral mixtures, and independent production of potassium permanganate, crumbs eggshell, wood ash, compost, chicken manure and so on. D.

So you've got the full information about what to feed the tomatoes.It remains only to apply this knowledge in practice and grow rich, delicious and healthy harvest.