The latest Russian aircraft, both military and civilian

Russian Federation, as well as other countries that emerged in the former Soviet Union in the early and mid-nineties of the last century has gone through tough times.Industry devoid of the usual markets, skidded.Many stopped production, including the most advanced.

The aviation industry has always been proud of our country.It spared no appropriations, and its products (both civil and military purposes) plowed the skies all over the world.In the almost complete collapse of the cooperative ties can be considered a miracle that Aircraft school was not lost.

Not all industrialized countries can afford to manufacture aircraft.For example, Germany, which produces many models of equipment, considered the best in the world, aircraft alone does not build, but until quite recently (in historical terms) during the Second World War, "Messerschmitt" and "Henkel" were quite onlevel.Lost school ...

Nevertheless, in spite of high performance Soviet aircraft, its capacity gradually decreases, it becomes obsolete.The latest Russian aircraft will replace it soon.In particular this applies to military vehicles, which park in the next two or three years will be renewed by half.

Local conflicts when they force resolution require special tools.One of them is a front-line aircraft, designed to support ground troops, and the application of high-precision strikes on communication centers, headquarters, infrastructure and transport routes likely opponent.New Russian military aircraft Su-34 and MiG-31, which are, in fact, strike complexes airborne and modernized Su-24M, capable of operating around the clock, it is in a state of combat missions, taking into account the threats from enemy fighter aircraft.

latest fifth-generation Russian planes are different from their predecessors, in addition to superior agility and dynamic performance, less visible to public address systems.Detect, and hence it is difficult to knock them.This quality is achieved by using unique technologies in many electronic jamming radar.Also, using special coatings that reduce the reflectivity of the surface.

not gone unnoticed and the long-range aviation.Traditionally considered air centenarians, strategic bombers (for example, an American B-52 was developed in the 50-ies of XX century, it flies the first pilots of his grandchildren) in our country is also used long-term.The latest Russian aircraft of this class are the product of deep modernization of the proven basic models of the Tu-160, Tu-22MZ and Tu-95MS.They are able to carry a bomb load and in addition to ultra-precise Missiles with spetszaryadami.

new Russian civilian aircraft, in contrast to most of the samples of the Soviet aircraft industry, designed from the outset as passenger ships, taking into account all the requirements for comfort and economy.Company "Sukhoi", traditionally specialized in the creation of combat vehicles, developed Sukhoi Superjet-100 medium-haul airlines.In this regard, work, and other well-known companies, such as the Ilyushin Design Bureau, JSC "Tupolev" plant "Sokol", "Aviacor."

There is reason to hope that the latest Russian aircraft will soon make a decent competition "Boeing" and "Airbus" on both the domestic and international aircraft market.