Push-ups on the ground.

Many people like to have a beautiful, trim figure.And most understand that without training can not achieve the desired result.Pushups on the weight will help pump up their muscles, even if a person never before with sports affairs had.And you can perform this exercise simply at home.

How many sets and reps should be in the training program?

There is an opinion that the more push-ups will be done, the better.However, the results achieved in this way will not work, because muscle mass will decrease.Muscles grow after 15 repetitions stop.In this situation, increased stamina.However, despite the decrease in muscle will improve relief and strength.Based on the previously listed, it is noted that the push on the weight must be performed no more than four sets of 12 repetitions of each.Gradually, you can complicate the task began the exercise on one hand.You can also take advantage of such an accessory as fitball.

What muscles can be trained with the help of push-ups?

standard exercise load, mainly the pectoral muscles and triceps.In addition, some of the load coming onto the back muscles and the press.In that case, performing push-ups on the weight Place hands wider shoulders, the bulk of the load will come on the pectoral muscles.When a narrow location palms longer will work the triceps.In order to strengthen the wrist is necessary to carry out exercises on the fingers or fists.Naturally, the remaining muscle fibers will also receive some of the load.However, it will be insignificant.In order to work out other muscles need to perform other types of exercises.

Increased loads

be understood that everything loads should be increased gradually.Thus, the body will be given the opportunity to get used to.Otherwise, nothing good will not achieve.Pushups on the mass is best to start from a position on his knees.You can also use the palm rest.Once you will do 4 sets of 12 repetitions each, you are ready to perform standard exercises.In the event that the feeling of the need to increase the load, it is necessary to use weighting, hanging load on the belt.Additional weight may be placed on the upper back.Complex push the mass may also contain a type of exercise that is performed on the one hand.Only it should be understood that the pre-need carefully to stretch the wrist.This is necessary in order not to injure the ligaments.

Besides push-ups, in order to maintain a good shape, it is necessary to perform morning exercises and jogging.In that case, if you were seriously decided to do yourself, it is best to start a gym.

Popularity boards

Such projectile as parallel bars, migrated to bodybuilding from athletics.However, they have lost their original purpose, becoming a trainer for a convenient push-ups.Almost every athlete performing this exercise.And the meaning it has almost the same as the basic exercises for a set of weights (deadlift, bench press and squats).Using a variety of weights, can be transformed dips into an effective exercise to help develop and enhance a large number of muscles of the torso.Every fan of bodybuilding should be in its training program fit dips.And this must be done in two ways: for chest and triceps.

Why needs the extra weight?

program Dips should take into account the power shift in emphasis.With this exercise, you can load different muscles by changing the position of the body.To most of the load received triceps, you must hold the body upright.We should immediately say about weighting.In the event that no special belt, on which the pancakes are attached, then it is necessary to independently manufacture.Dips performed with her weight, suitable only for beginners.Also, they can be used as a warm up more experienced athletes.To Dips program was aimed at increasing muscle mass, you should use weights.Otherwise, all the positive properties will be lost.

How far to put his hands?

In athletics, the boards are parallel to each other.In gyms this shell is considered more convenient in the event that the boards will diverge in different directions.What is the reason?All the matter is that a wide grip, together with additional weights can lead to injury.To find the most comfortable grip, it is necessary to arrange the hand-width apart.Allowed only slightly increase the distance.If you say on the merits, those beams that diverge in hand, are very convenient for loading pectoral muscles.

How to build chest?

How to do this kind of exercise for weight set to pump pecs?Emphasis should be made on the uneven bars, the maximum torso forward.It only takes into account that even the forearm in a tilted state of the body should be perpendicular to the floor.Leg Position does not have a particular value, but it is better to accustom themselves to the fact that they should be directed straight down.The shoulder belt should be tense, the body is not to sink.

slowly start to fall down.The elbows should be at the same time in different directions.At a time when the biceps will take the position parallel to the floor, with a powerful effort lift the body up.All your attention should be paid to the activities of the chest muscles and triceps are not.Do not let the elbows closer to the body, even in the moment of lifting the body.Otherwise, the main share of the load will go to the triceps.Top position means that the hands should not be in a position to fully rectified.The next move must begin without pause.

performing this type of push-ups for a set of muscle mass, it should be understood that the position of the elbow becomes a huge difference in the effectiveness of the exercise.Do not forget about the slope of the body.Many athletes, raising the body except the hands and body completely rectified.In this case the load, again, it goes to the triceps.Therefore, it can not be done.How much should be repeated?With the weights should be carried out about 10-12 reps.The number of approaches should not be more than four.

How to build triceps using boards?

order to push for a set of weight on the bars were aimed at the development of the triceps, you must take the above position.The body needs to be rectified in a straight line.There was no inflection in the back should not be.Image through the body and one leg straight, perpendicular to the floor line.Looking forward to send the best, as you can not look down.This is due to the fact that the head should not be tilted.

controlling movement omitted.Elbows to the side can not take.At a time when the triceps falls slightly below a line parallel to the floor, you have a powerful force to lift the body up.However, there should be no jerks.Taking up position, immediately begin the downward movement.

can not relax.Muscles during this type of exercise should be on their toes.Elbows should be kept as close as possible to the body.Working with weights, it is necessary to do 4 sets of 12 repetitions each.

Squeezing should be done properly and regularly

At first it will be very difficult to hold the body in the required condition.It does not matter which group of muscles is directed exercises on uneven bars.Therefore, a responsible approach to the push-ups, monitoring their movement from beginning to end.As a result of regular training after some time you will be able to perform the exercise correctly.And at this moment it will be possible to consider the use of additional weighting.

Conclusion It is clear from all the above, push-ups on the muscle mass may have a positive impact.Increase the size of your body can be and with the help of the boards.However, as in the first and in the second case it is necessary to use weights.They are many times will increase the effect and will help to achieve the desired results in the shortest possible period of time.However, for the exercises should be approached responsibly, as the important role played by the technology.Therefore it is necessary to wish you good luck in your self-improvement and success in increasing muscle mass!