People born March 13.

March 13 - the date of the mystical.It contains the so-called fucking dozen - the number, discourages many people.Does this figure assumes a threat to those who were born on this day?How does it affect their character and destiny?And what is its relationship with the zodiac sign that ruled during this period?Try to understand.

Feature zodiac sign

People who were born on March 13 fall under the protection of Pisces.This is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac, which gives his players rather unusual kind: a gentle, tremulous and deep.They are always close to the heart perceive opinions, words and deeds of others, know how to renounce and sacrifice for a higher purpose.Fish do not pursue material things, considering them a serious obstacle on the path to self-development.Often listen to your intuition and inner voice, that they are rarely fed.

negative in nature may be called a weak will and inability to make important decisions, doubt and eternal laziness - these are often guilty people born March 13.Pisces makes them quite spineless.They are not soldiers.Such people will be better to endure injustice than to try to defend the freedom and rights.But they are very adorable and charming.Lovely creatures able to become real friends, if they find a soul mate in the crowd.

Differences from other fish

March 13 - the day of mysticism and secret predictions, astrologers say.They believe that those fish, which is indicated in the passport is the date of birth, a little more than their romantic and vulnerable counterparts.First, they are very solid and mature character, able to overcome any crisis, trauma, or catastrophe.Also, they are fatalists, so to all the vicissitudes of fate calmly, steadfastly experiencing problems and never complain.The striking power of the spirit often makes them confident and fearless heroes.

Secondly, self-realization is very important for individuals who were born March 13.Pisces gives their creative abilities.But not always, these skills can be utilized.Sometimes people go to the intended path and begin to look for other opportunities to express themselves.Fish themselves are not able to fight.But people born March 13, characterized in that not only can defend its position, but also to go over the head in order to achieve the goal.Astrologers advise them to be softer, learn not to shift their problems to friends.

Health and Career

Fish is always very attentive to the state of his body.They are suspicious and intend to once again look at new symptoms of unknown diseases.Only the media will be the news of the impending influenza epidemic, they immediately buy all medical journals and encyclopedias to find the desired information: how to protect themselves from infection than to treat it.Weaknesses in the body - legs.Therefore, people born on March 13 as well as other fish, prone to swelling and varicose veins.They also often suffer from colds and rheumatism, complain of polyps and tumors.

Representatives of this star sign are very committed to their work, so make it to the conscience, slowly but efficiently.Pisces - not managers and subordinates.With creative instincts may become talented musicians, poets and artists.They are also encouraged to engage in pedagogy, to carry out research and to play on the stock exchange.Stretch for the bizarre: astrology, palmistry, yoga.And what is most interesting, because of Pisces to the most excellent crooks and cheats.


Under the influence of the zodiac Pisces are all people who were born on March 13.The sign makes this enigmatic personality: her heart is closed to outsiders for seven locks.Love comes unexpectedly grows quickly.Fish are sometimes themselves can not explain the feelings born when and at what stage they are over.They can not win partner.Most choose a waiting strategy: can sigh over the years, hiding their affection, but never dared to take the first step.Usually without a fight rivals concede a soul mate, do not achieve it, and released in freestyle swimming.They prefer to suffer in secret, than to make a scene of jealousy.

Men are different.Range - from chewing snot victim of unrequited love to the passionate philanderer.Women are also different from each other.Some Fish - faithful wife, the other - fatal and fatal seductress.Typically, those who were born on March 13, or elevate the object of his love on a pedestal of honor, or a lifetime are breadcrumbs, inability to experience deep affection.

Features Pisces born March 13

Therefore individuals should not be afraid date in the passport.The number 13 is considered unlucky mistake.In fact, 1 and 3 - strong numbers, a combination which promises career rise and success in business.People born on March 13 will bring good luck as the number 4, the day of the week - Saturday, month of the year - May, stone - emerald plants - ivy, wood - cherry, color - purple and light brown, the flavor - vanilla.A powerful talisman for them will be a piece of cloth, cut off from any household items: sofas, curtains and tablecloths.

Fish, whose birthday falls on March 13 should enrich their diet cottage cheese, honey and leek.These products are most useful to them rather unstable and poor health.Jubilee 40 years for them - a fateful date.In this year of radical change in your life can change the profession, there is a possibility of divorce and serious illness.Changes may, on the contrary, be positive - the wealth piled on her head, or the appearance of the long-awaited offspring.In short, as anyone lucky.

Famous people born on March 13

list is very long.Analyzing it, one can understand that a truly Pisces who were born on this day, the nature of gifted people.For example, on March 13 birthday celebrated:

  • Irina Alferov, actress.
  • Sergei Mikhalkov, a playwright and novelist.
  • Igor Kio, illusionist, known circus.
  • Irina Bugrimova, trainer predators.
  • Edgar Davids, Dutch football player.
  • Baudouin Courtenay, Russian and Polish linguist.

And this is only part of the outstanding people, which we all loved and respected.Another interesting fact is that on March 13 birthday party celebrating Artyom, Arsene, Basil, Nikolai and Sergei and Marina and Kyra.

All these people are very multifaceted and unique.And these qualities they gave Zodiac: March 13, always born intelligent person.For such Pisces human mind contains more puzzles than the vast universe.Trying to unravel the mysteries of human capabilities, and open a new and other skills and talents, they devoted all his life searching for his "I".Their fate was the original and partly fatal.