Music contest "the Authority.

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user, the first correct answer will receive a ticket to the organ show Ekaterina Melnikova "body. Vremya.Tanets" for 2 persons.


1. In what country in the world was born choreographer Pina Bausch?




2. In a concert hall installed the largest organ in the world?

well.International House of Music (Moscow)

b.Albert Hall.(London)

in.Concert Hall Boardwalk (Atlantic City)

3. The organ performance "Organ.Vremya.Tanets" Ekaterina Melnikova fulfill suite "time forward," and who is the author of this work?

well.GV Sviridov

b.DD Shostakovich

in.IF Stravinsky

answers to questions we wait until February 11 and February 12 will be declared the winner.

Organ show "the Authority.Time.Dance ยป

This time, the audience is waiting for a unique musical cut, seemingly not comparable: dance aesthetics and organ sound.But the organ sound very unusual.Not massively scale, filling the Catholic Cathedrals are not academically-rigorous - concert organ classics.

contrary, modern, light, sometimes - with synthetic veil.And, most importantly, it emphasized the alternative of well-established for centuries: the benefit of electronic technology can even break from the usual visual designs.

From that it is logical that an invisible character is a valid - time with its latest developments, globalization - permeates everything from the concept to the musical articulation of disparate pieces.And the very artful dance tunes on the organ music already tells a fascinating effect.A chamber space, defining the format of the club concert hall brought together unexpectedly sharply, positive, with the taste of a good avant-garde music, and, again, the time is always at concerts Ekaterina Melnikova, fly by.

Ekaterina Melnikova - among the rare artists who succeed from season to season to keep the audience in suspense, while acting on the instrument that seems to be popular among not.Give a precise definition of the genre of her performances difficult, Ekaterina Melnikova has developed its own format and style - organ performance.

Innovation and the courage with which she pulls out a tool from the grip of classical music, independent of formulaic stereotypes that all her efforts to give the body a contemporary sound and rethink its role on the concert stage, of course, met with striking success.

concert will take place on February 20 in the art-club "Durov", beginning at 20:00.

Good luck to all participants!