Learn to say "no" and "no"

Why do we pay such close attention to the words "no" and "no"?All matter in the encrypted words psychological report.If you present it in a simplified form, it turns out that every word carries the information and load (actually what we want to pass), and emotional energy.Failure is always a very strong promise, which may affect the crumbs are not the best way.

informed decisions

Any failure begins with your initiative.Because before you fly off the lips, "no" should be in the mind, and "to acquire" a sufficient number of arguments in its favor, leading to self-righteousness.In other words, if the mother doubted the correctness of a failure, it will not be effective.Most likely, the child is not "hear" the call or promise will try to challenge it in all possible ways.And this is the right way to quarrel.

Speak your "no" calmly, discreetly, but firmly, and, most important, no doubt about that now should be to do so.The refusal will be interpreted correctly, if all your kind would say that it is a final decision.

correct explanation

Sometimes one failure enough, the baby continues to doubt - it is seen by his uncertain behavior.Some guys do not hesitate to ask a counter "why?".And then it's time to connect the authoritative argument.As you know, the answer is "because it" completely inappropriate in this situation.However, as well as "how it should be" or "do what my mother says."

kid looking for information, not worsening psychological discomfort.Usually calm enough to answer this question in its simplest form."It is dangerous for your health," "Now the shop is closed," "I'm with you there is so much money" - all this is appropriate wording that introduce your baby to the actual situation.


As we have seen, any failure is psychologically very powerful experience.In other words, it cuts into the memory of the baby, hurts, and sometimes even humiliating.To avoid this, it is enough to see to his speech, and the refusal to teach in a positive form.It would seem that this is impossible.However, our language is designed in such a way that gives almost unlimited scope for word "games".

So, if you feel that the power of the child passes within range, and he is willing to accept failure hysteria - turn the phrase in a positive manner: instead of "can not" use "can be, but later.""Yes, but after a meal", "Be sure that I will take more money", "Good for the holidays," "agreed, just a little grow up" ... See the difference?


Finally, there are always reasons for such bans, which is quite impossible to jump!This, for example, concerns the health and safety or the current situation in which the family lives.For example, the ban on playing with matches, lighters, running with sharp sticks, sample taste inedible, dangerous objects, crossing the road without an adult, evasion of parents in public places ...

List unconditional 'no' to the extended family, and each individual is connectedwith individual characteristics.Thus, the child should be familiar with such a ban since birth and not be able to break them!

Be honest with the kids, and everything will be fine!

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