How social networks affect a person?

How social networks influence human?

virtual space has long been not just a source of information, digging, and in some measure a tool to help push briefly reality.Social networks connect a large number of people who are willing to communicate through the screen.This phenomenon is widely spread and adequately perceived by many representatives of mankind.Gradually, however, interest grows in the relationship is a form of contact.How can this be explained?

fact that each person has specific needs, including not least the need for recognition.In some cases, a person can not meet her in real life.Then he sent for help to social networks, because there is sometimes even very fond of strangers.He is looking for ways to communicate with a variety of interlocutors, but does not experience the full pleasure from this.That is why the person wants to open your page again and again.

Another reason for social networks hobbies zakompleksovannost acts of individuals.In life, they are shy to express sympathy to someone, and in some cases even to keep up the conversation.But in the virtual world can be nothing to fear.Here you can get acquainted with everyone and not to show his eyes.Because of this favorable turn of events people do not think about how to break away from the monitor and go out.

Gradually the person becomes dependent on social networks.He always wants to be online and discuss all the latest news.Typically, this development leads eventually to depression, mood swings, and even sexual disorders.People are to a certain extent soulless and not strain your senses.They spend hours and even for days can not tear myself away from the screen and lose interest in life.Text messages do not convey emotions and difficult to understand how to determine the mood of his interlocutor.Of course for this smiley exist, but they are not designed for all the thrills.A person sees different characters on the screen and can not express my feelings to the fullest.They simply accumulate in and eventually turn into a heavy burden, which would like to lose.However, this is possible only with live communication.

course is not so terrible as it seems at first glance.Have social networks and positive sides.These include the possibility of self-development, tuition, or the development of new lines of business.All this is seen only in the context of short-term and targeted use of social networks.

proved that social networks do more harm than good.They have an impact on the health, performance, confidence, mood, and ability to adapt to environmental conditions.Life is full of various highlights that are easy to miss if you can always sit at the computer.It is better to communicate more often with real human beings who open their hearts and souls.The world is so beautiful and unpredictable that it is not necessary to spend precious time on trifles.Online course will fill your head all the information but do not direct the path of spiritual development and does not become a source of emotional gratification.