Greek sun god Helios was incarnated in the statue of the Colossus of Rhodes

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peoples of the world not just endowed gods name, and pointed out their duties.For each share determined over which he ruled.God is supreme, seas and oceans, nature, fertility, love, hunting things ... But there is one different from the others.He has no employees, but nevertheless without it there would be no plants, animals, people would be sad and do not fall in love, would not see the beauty of the world.This sun-god, who was present in many pagan cultures.Thanks to him, the day follows night, he gives the heat rays of the fireball, what pleases the people of the entire planet.So how can imagine the sun-god different civilizations?

Egyptian god Ra

This God is very revered in Egypt.His cult began to take shape after the unification of the country, significantly displacing existing religious beliefs.Sun God Ra has grown in popularity during the reign of the fourth dynasty of pharaohs.They have your name added to it, thus showing the people their power.A Ra they showed so his bow before him.The name of the Egyptian deity translated means "the sun".Fifth Dynasty marked the peak of the popularity of this patron of the heavenly body.If you believe the legend, the first three of the pharaoh of this genus were considered sons of the sun god Ra.

Colossus of Rhodes

Glorious Greek religion could not do without the sun-god.He was Helios, who lived in the east of the ocean at the castle.Every morning, the Greek god of the sun went out on a golden chariot drawn by four horses, and rode across the sky, marking the beginning of the day.In the evening, just as Helios returned from the western part of the ocean home in a castle.According to mythology, the god of the sun could not be present on the division of power in the world because of strong daily employment in the sky, so he got nothing.
to soften its position, Helios decided to raise from the bottom of the ocean island, which he called after his wife Rodoss Childbirth.Once this piece of land was trying to capture warlord Demetrius Poliorcetes but Helios managed to dissuade him, what saved the inhabitants of this territory.They erected as thanks to it 36-meter statue of clay and metal, which is being built for 12 years.This monument is one of the seven wonders of the world and called the Colossus of Rhodes.Legs wide apart, he relied on a special pedestal, sheathed metal, among which were free to sail ships.The statue was visible from far away, but due to the fact that the main material used in the construction was clay, and metal is just outside, Colossus was destroyed by an earthquake in 222 BC.e.

Slavic Dazhdbog

Our ancestors were no less patrons than the Greeks.One of the most beloved and revered considered Slavic god of the sun Dazhdbog.His name is not at all due to the rain, it means "God gives."According to legend, every morning he travels on a chariot drawn by four horses, the sky.As patron of the sky light travels all day and gives people the sunlight that comes from his shield.The Slavs were that their god of the sun is extraordinarily beautiful and bright.His eyes were full of sincerity and would not tolerate a lie;shiny hair hanks fell in with a mighty arm;blue, deep, like a lake, eyes, making it ideal in the sense of the Slavs.They believed that the Son of Heaven presents his reflections heat shield people illuminates fields, rivers, forests, and takes care of the animals.