Found an orphaned chick sparrow survive with your help!

Sometimes it happens that a person falls into the hands of a small sparrow chick.It is clear that without help he can not survive, because not yet able to independently produce their own food.In addition, his parents usually lure insects or caterpillars, which contain a variety of nutrients to his body.In only one grain grow healthy sparrow fail.Therefore, if you are not going to look for him caterpillars, you need to cook a variety of nutritious mixture.However, about everything in order.

There are people who argue that it is impossible to bring up a small chick.This statement is totally wrong, because you can cite the example of numerous cases refute it.The thing that you need to know what to feed sparrow chicks.This is because the metabolism of these birds, and not only young, but also in adults, pretty high.It should only miss one feeding or give a food that is a bit early to eat the baby, and he will die.Incidentally, the chicks which had not yet reached two weeks, called fledglings.The earliest days of life are the most troublesome, because it will be necessary to feed the baby every 20 minutes.But this does not mean that he will eat.It may also happen that the baby will eat and be satisfied with very little.It all depends on how much food he had already digested.

After a little sparrow chick gets used to you and take a few days, the time between the feeding can be increased.But do it gradually.You can determine the correct interval between meals for litter.If it is a liquid, then the gap is small, the baby and the body does not have time to handle and digest everything that has been eaten.And if the usual litter, not solid and not liquid, you have chosen the right time.

Remember that chick sparrow can eat any product that you offer him.But this does not mean that he can have it.Consequently, it is necessary dietary special attention.The parents feed the young insects, so you will need to be at the time of the spider.Ant cocoons, mealworms and any small bugs will be the ideal food for chicks.Sometimes they can be replaced by chicken egg or cheese, but completely bring up the baby in these products will fail.

worth noting that the fledgling sparrow only be healthy when you do not lose sight of the variety of useful additives.It can be grated carrots and cheese, which are mixed with cottage cheese.It is recommended to add to the mix the crushed calcium, it will help your child get faster on his feet.Do not forget that the fledglings have to drink!This is an important moment of the whole feeding.This is done using a pipette.In nature, the parents of the children watered beak.Pipette can simulate this process.

Now you know how to bring up the fledgling sparrow.As you can see, this process is very important, difficult and troublesome.Therefore, take the baby home only when you are sure that it does not take the parents.After all, chances to survive in their custody he will be much more.And if you actually got an orphan, then you can feel like a real lifesaver.