Myths and legends of ancient Greece - a form of history

Myth in essence - a form of history that satisfies the inherent need for the human race in his own identification and answer questions about the origin of life, culture, relationships, people and nature.Thus, Greek mythology has had a fairly strong impact on the development of ancient culture in general, the formation of ancient civilizations.Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece kept the past of mankind, as its history in all its forms.

Since ancient times, the Greeks formed an idea of ​​the eternal, the infinite cosmos and harmoniously united.Their mythological thinking based on emotional and intuitive insight into the mystery of the infinite chaos, the source of life of the world, and the man was perceived as part of the cosmic unity.In the early stages of the history of the legends and myths of ancient Greece reflected the representation of reality, played the role of a guide in everyday life.This is a fantastic reflection of reality, being the primary source of formation of outlook, expressed the impotence of man to nature and its elemental forces.However, the ancients were not afraid to explore the world, filled with mythical creatures strikes fear.Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece show that boundless thirst for knowledge of the world prevailed over the fear of the unknown danger.Suffice it to recall the many exploits of mythical heroes, fearless adventures of the Argonauts, Odysseus and his team.

Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece is an ancient form of understanding natural phenomena.Look unruly and wild nature was personified as a very real and animate beings.Fantasy ancient Greeks to populate the world good and evil mythical creatures.Thus, in the picturesque groves settled dryads, satyrs, centaurs, in the mountains - oreades, nymphs lived in the rivers, and in the seas and oceans - Oceanides.

Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece from the stories of other people distinguished feature, which consists in the humanization of divine beings.This makes them more familiar and intelligible to the ordinary people, most of whom are perceived these traditions as their ancient history.Mysterious, are beyond the understanding and impact of simple layman forces of nature become more explainable to the imagination of the common man.

people of ancient Greece became the creator of unique and colorful legends about the lives of the people of the immortal gods and heroes.The myths harmoniously intertwined memories of a distant and obscure past and poetic fiction.No other human creation is no different in this richness and fullness of the images.This explains their unforgettable.Myths and legends of ancient Greece gave the images are often used in the art different understanding.Inexhaustible legendary stories have often been used and is still popular among historians and philosophers, sculptors and painters, poets and writers.In myths they draw ideas for their own works, and often bring them some new mythological worldview suited to a particular historical period.

ancient myths and legends of Greece, reflecting the moral views of man, his aesthetic attitude to reality, helped to shed light on the political and religious institutions of the time, to understand the nature of myth-making.

Antique culture is recognized as a fundamental phenomenon in world history.She served as the basis for the culture of the whole of Europe.Many images of Greek mythology is firmly fixed in the language, consciousness, artistic images, and philosophy.All understandable and familiar concepts such as the "Achilles heel", "bonds of Hymen", "cornucopia", "Augean stables", "sword of Damocles", "Ariadne's thread", "bone of contention" and many others.But often, using the data in the speech sayings, people do not think about their true meaning and history of occurrence.

Ancient Greek mythology played an important role in the history of modernity.Her studies have gleaned important information about the lives of ancient civilizations and the formation of religion.