How to find the acceleration in nature and technology?

Most physical phenomena are in themselves interesting enough from the point of view of scientific study.Modern science has made a huge step forward on the way to the study of how physical phenomena of the earth and space.One rather curious phenomena is accelerating, its causes and its consequences for the physical bodies.That is why there has long been the formula of how to find the acceleration and what parameters it requires?Any acceleration

a curious phenomenon, which is based on the physical laws of gravity common earth whereby any object being raised above the surface, in free fall takes a certain acceleration.However, the acceleration effect is not always be associated with falling, since the acceleration itself can be directed in the opposite direction.An example of this is to accelerate the spacecraft, which is to overcome the forces of gravity of the earth must accelerate to tremendous speed of 11.2 km.per second.Because of this man was able to enter the orbit of the earth, and finally penetrate the space.

Fortunately, many of the issues associated with the acceleration resolved and relatively unknown aspects of this phenomenon is not so much.However, this was not always so, and once past scientists have long puzzled over how to find and get the acceleration of the treasured formula.At the same time, the phenomenon of acceleration not only been studied extensively, but in practical terms is used in all areas of scientific and technological progress.An example of this can serve as a mechanism for building such as Koper, who scored in the land of huge piles.Through the use of impact strength and a certain acceleration, the force of the impact becomes so large that the reinforced concrete pile gradually penetrate deep into the soil.

noteworthy that under the influence of acceleration of the human body, it has certain congestion degrees are also necessarily taken into account when designing these or other technical means.Today we know how to find and get the degree of acceleration loads on the human body when making aerobatics when it test new aircraft.Thanks to modern computer technology and the ability to control the state of health of the pilot, the researchers were able to approach as closely as possible to the maximum point of human control over himself.This led to the possibility to approach the maximum permissible speed for the human body with the preservation of his health.

Interestingly, the issue of how to find the acceleration, interested in even well-known science fiction writers, among them the famous Jules Verne.Despite the fact that many of his fiction novels differed sufficiently high accuracy of the description of various physical quantities, and sometimes the writer admitted serious mistakes.So, for example, in his novel "From the Earth to the Moon" and its sequel, "Around the Moon" his characters are used as the acceleration of a huge cannon with a barrel length of 275 meters.As a result of firing a projectile, which are our heroes, it is accelerated to a speed of 500 km / c2, but in fact at a rate anyone will be crushed by its own weight.It is the most important point that should be remembered, and if possible to allow writers such inaccuracies, the real scientist can not make such mistakes.That is why the question of how to find the acceleration of the body, scientists are engaged in very carefully by balancing all possible risk factors and adverse effects on the human body.

Summing up, it should be said that many physical phenomena are quite interesting phenomena, many of which scientists have not yet been able to decipher.Even the answer to the question of how to find the tangential acceleration was found recently.Despite the fact that this acceleration is quite well known to each of us (is tangential acceleration, which resulted in the original speed slows down, and the trajectory of the change), its features have been described only in the XIX century.