Why not change the boyfriend "by itself"?

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desire to change the favorite according to their understanding of what it should be as selfish as perfectionism in a relationship.Instead of love it for what it is, you are, in fact, receive the following message of information: your character I do not like, but I'm out of kindness over you ready to work.Well, tell me - what a guy like that?And then we'll lament that he does not want to work on themselves.Of course, do not want more - and should not!

health rules, "environmentally friendly" relations are very simple: either we are together and we accept and love each other as we are, or we run.No one should guess your desires and change your life just because of the fact that it appeared suddenly you!It may, of course, but only if he wants it!

No, well, first of course he can, and tries his best to "change," to you, your favorite, please.For example, quit smoking, changed his jeans and sneakers to business suits, shaved ... But then he begins quietly "sabotage": sneaking smokes on the balcony, then pulls back sneakers, grow stubble, stopped to wash their dishes ... Youindignation, but is it worth?

Respect yourself!

Yes, that's right - in large letters and an exclamation point.Did you tell him who the warden or a girlfriend?And now urgently disables supervisor (energy-intensive and inefficient) and think about how to manipulate them wisely.

respect him!

you for some reason chose this guy, unshaven, smoking and sneakers.Remember, when you came to him for the first time kind of dirty dishes did not frighten you, too.So what's the deal?And the fact that you think that you are now in other ways, and that something must be each other.But it is not - but with a sincere desire on the man will be ready to do something for you.And pressure from here will get you nowhere.

do not change it, A stimulates the change

feel a difference?This should be his decision, not yours, he (and be) received.You - a prize.You - as a piece of the divine cake, from which he could take a bite, but who can not take with them.A bit off, just want more.But to take away with them a cake, you need to work on yourself.Yes, I wash the dishes to start, for example.

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