How to change the reference channel on YouTube.

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If you plan to promote your channel on the video sharing site "YouTube", one of the steps that you will need to pass - is to learn how to change the reference channel on YouTube, and to use the information obtained in practice.

By default, your channel is assigned an address consisting of a set of numbers and letters mixed case.Agree, this link is very hard to remember.That is why the owners of popular channels as soon as possible to change it by setting as a URL-addresses, such as your name or company name.

So, how to change the link to the channel YouTube?The answer to this question, you will learn after reading the proposed article.

As previously

More recently, in order to change the link to the channel YouTube, the owner of the channel needed to perform a few simple steps:

  • Open the menu by clicking the button next to avatars, and refer to the "Settings".
  • Go to link "Advanced" and then click "Create a custom URL».
  • Come up and enter in the appropriate field the new address, then confirm your selection by pressing the "Create a URL-channel."

Today, you can not take advantage of this quick guide.Under the new rules in order to change the link, your channel must meet several requirements.

How exactly?This will be discussed further.

Conditions for obtaining a custom URL

So, as mentioned above, in order to change the link to channel your page on YouTube must fit the definition of criteria:

  • First, since the creation of the channel should be at least one month.
  • Secondly, before asking questions about how to change the reference channel on YouTube, you need to dial 500 subscribers.
  • Third, your channel must be properly designed.
  • Fourth, as the icon YouTube-channel, you must install the photo.

addition to the conditions listed in these paragraphs, there is one more thing: you can change the reference in the event that tied your blog or website with the channel.

As you can see, demand is quite tough but doable.I would particularly like to draw attention to the number of subscribers - not recommended "cheat" them with various ATS (active advertising services), as your channel may be blocked.

How to change the reference channel on YouTube.Algorithm of

So, in order to change the URL-address channel on YouTube, you need to make a few simple steps.

Open YouTube and on the left refer to the "My Channel".In the upper right corner click on the icon of your account to access the menu.Now press the button, which shows the gear.The next step - go to the link "Advanced".

If your channel meets all the conditions, which are described above, in the "Channel settings" you will see the link "Create a custom URL».

Click on it to see the options for a new address.It should be noted that they can not be changed, it is possible only to add the numbers or letters.

final stage - an agreement with the terms of use and pressing "Edit URL».

That's all.You are now the owner of the channel with a memorable URL-address instead of randomly character set.

Conclusion Now that you know how to change the reference channel on YouTube, do this operation on his page, if all the necessary conditions.As a result, the channel will receive the URL-address corresponding to your name, surname or activities.