Learn late nicely

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One of the stereotypes rooted in society dictates: if a person is late or does it badly polished boots with him is impossible to deal with.Is it so?Basically yes.And if you're still late?

Special circumstances

most annoying when you miss - is the need to make excuses.Tip One - no need to invent anything.When you are late for 5-15 minutes, just call.Suffice it short: "The reasons do not depend on me, it happened. As you prefer - to postpone the meeting or can I drive?"It is necessary to designate an apology and not humiliated, to achieve its goal.
Even if you had a very good reason for being late, do not procrastinate.If you are too late, come in fast and try to quickly start a conversation: you robbed a man of his time and has to catch up.On the way to the meeting room whether it is ready to begin work immediately.The handset will be let off or when it is impossible to keep it handy, so as not to rummage in the bag when it rings.It is necessary to ensure that the negative impression of delay not resulted in a series of blunders, all of which will drive the negotiations in the sample - a loser in action.

If you still can not do without an explanation, say that in this culture goes beyond justification.For example, in France late forgive the woman, admitted: "I was with a loved one."And in Moscow usually believe what you stood in a traffic jam.

Secret Weapon

psychologists described the so-called edge effect, which is widely known as the principle of mass Shtirlitsa: to remember the first and last.This is - the secret weapon is late.For example, if the office vplyvet elegant woman with a broken thumb in hand - remember it.Of course, it also subtly will understand that no obstacles will not stop it.
officials and businessmen are often deliberately not in a hurry: so they attract attention and show who is boss.

Generally, when latecomers apology admits that talking to some important person and it was delayed because it only raises it in the eyes of others.
enjoy this course and you: if you come after the appointed time, hint that solve important issues with the person who is the authority for your counterpart.

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