Which temperature should be flat in winter and summer

today, and indeed at all times, one of the important criteria in the comfort of human life is his environment, which includes favorable temperature behavior in his home at any time of the year.A man, no matter what the weather outside, wants to come home and feel not only as a reliable fortress, but also relax at the most appropriate temperature conditions.

begin in the summer.Which temperature should be flat in the period?According to regulations, it should be + 23-25 ​​degrees and relative humidity of 40-60 percent, and air velocity of 15 meters per second in the obligatory presence in the house is well-ventilated.Noise, by the way, should not exceed the values ​​of 30-40 decibels.

autumn, when the ambient temperature begins to drop, to maintain a comfortable temperature comes to the rescue heating homes.Since most of the population uses the services of district heating, the utilities before the heating season, spend it washing and molding.This inspection of pipes and tubing for leaks and endurance carried out in order to avoid a hazard season replacing portions thereof, as well as for normal functioning of the coolant.

when the heating season begins?The rules that govern the provision of public services to consumers for heating, clearly indicated that if for 3 days outside air temperature is below 8 degrees, the next from the last recorded day starts heating season

And the question immediately arises: what temperatureIt must be powered?In direct proportion to the temperature of the outside air.The higher the score, the lower, respectively, the temperature of the batteries.With an average daily temperature variation from 1 to 2 degrees, slightly warmer with the temperature 40 degrees should be the battery.If the window raging cold, the temperature of water in them can reach 90 degrees.As for the off-season, then there are no standards, and everyone can get warm as you can.

One derives from the other: on whether the temperature should be in the batteries depends, what temperature should be flat.

air temperature measured in each room on the inside wall at a distance of 1.5 meters from the floor and from the outer wall at a distance of one meter.

What should be the temperature in winter in an apartment in an apartment house, regulates SNIP (Sanitary Norms and Regulations).According to this normative document, temperature should be as follows: 20 degrees in the corner room, 18 degrees in the living room, and 25 degrees in the bathroom.What temperature should be in the apartment, you now know.By the way, in the stairwell, this figure should be 16 degrees in the room lift 5 degrees and 4 degrees in the attic.

And again, what the temperature should be in the apartment, in the case of staying in her newborn?Not more than 22 degrees, as the metabolism of the baby intense, a lot of heat, so that the baby does not sweat quite comfortable temperature of 18-20 degrees for him, and he is dressed, to be free.

And such an important detail: a comfortable living environment is unthinkable without hot water, which consumers, according to the regulatory standards of services to be provided all year round, with water supplied must be strictly within the temperature range from 50 degrees up to 75.

desirable,to never raised the question of an uninterrupted supply of hot water all year round, as well as on what should be the temperature in the apartment in the winter.These issues need to sink into oblivion, and the components of comfort for each person taken as a given.