What is the Dutch helm?

's already the 21st century.You can easily notice a significant change, both physical and psychological development of a person.The evolution observed in everything, even in the feelings, sensations and desires!Is no exception and the sexual sphere, because very often we learn something new and different in this area.

Everything has changed considerably: there are new attitudes and manners at the portrait of modern man in society, sex became more free.Indulgence was tempted to open and has a lot of new forms and images: rapidly increased the number of new forms of bedding comfort - from the most delicate to the most perverse and bright.

Dutch helm - a new kind of light meet, without direct contact with the genitals."Wheel" was invented in Holland.Although you can so this guess by reading the title.Netherlands - the capital of debauchery, lust and passionate entertainment.Amsterdam - a beautiful city, but awakens feelings of animals.It offers luxurious pubs, strip clubs and other types of entertainment and comfort.To an even greater extent, this is also quite loyal attitude of the Dutch to the same-sex partners.It is not surprising that there are a variety of sexual notions here.

first Dutch helm was mentioned in the movie "Zack and Miri Make a Porno".Optionally view the entire reel in order to see how it looks in fact, sufficient to find a short excerpt from the film.He goes a little more than two minutes.Dutch helm - is not gayest entertainment, according to the guy from the movie, but it is not quite true, because the two men want to bring to orgasm with each other.One has to take another's hand during the process of masturbation and manage the movements until it reaches the peak of pleasure.This video has been listed among the most popular in the world.

Our ingenious men have improved and this finding - double helm practiced in parallel, when both help each other.This way of satisfaction can be divided into two types: quantitative and qualitative.The first - a double Dutch helm.Quality - the usual.In recent years, you will notice a very interesting trend - if something can be multiplied by two, people are trying to further increase it as much as possible to upgrade.A rather curious fact is that there is a quintuple Dutch helm, but it is not a perversion and not a "mini gay parade" and the usual flash mob.

In general, the main purpose of this process - it is straight masturbation session to help each other in getting an orgasm, but the partners remain the classical orientation.

An evolution in the relations between men.After the release of a video of the wheel, many people began to perceive it as a joke, and a joke for the teasing of his friends.Very often you can hear a phrase like: "Yes, I suppose you are practicing the Dutch helm, pervert you miserable! .." Perhaps it is for this situation should know that it is a phenomenon.

From a medical point of view, this activity is a deviation from the norm and indicates a certain mental disorders.Since psychology purely from a normal person can not get away from such a process fun.