Learning from the root word and orfogrammy it

In elementary school lays the knowledge in all core subjects, which will be very important in the further education of the child.Particular attention is paid to the Russian language and the study of the basic rules and concepts.Among them, an important place occupied by knowledge of the language and its components, including such a thing as the root of the word.

It is an abstract concept, so the children often have difficulties in learning.Correctly explain and demonstrate in practice its value, as well as major orfogrammy which it found - though difficult task, but it is doable.

It should be noted that the root of the word is its only binding component.Other morpheme may not be available in certain words, but without a root word does not happen, some of which may consist only of this part.To say that the morpheme carries the lexical meaning of the word is correct, but it is not only the main feature, as some words (for example, the majority of their own office or nouns) have a root found only in them, and nowhere else.

The easiest way to identify the root of the word is the selection of single-root words and word forms.For students who often do not provide complex cases, this is enough.However, it is important to include a variety of examples of morphemes were not similar (with prefixes, without them, with the suffixes, endings, and so on. D.).It is worth noting that there are some basics fluent vowels or consonants alternating (eg, take-take, roots and br- Berman, run-run, roots and beg- bezh-).Therefore navigate in the selection of the morpheme, as well as in the selection of single-root words, and should be on the lexical meaning that it contains.

One of the main orfogramm, has been studied in the second grade are paired consonants in the root word.A case in point is a voiced and unvoiced sounds, which are indicated on the letter of a particular letter, depending on the test.Children at this age, in most cases, they write what they hear, so you need to teach them to find the desired letter.To test this orfogrammy should pick paired words, the root word that would be the right sound.However, in one case, it will be in a weak position, i.e. at the end of a word or combination of groups of consonants, and the other - in strong.For example, the word "snow", in this case, the ringing sound is not heard Mr. distinctly more close to the deaf X or K. A word form of snow is already clearly audible ringing sound that you must designate in writing in both cases.

Since junior high school students still do not take the theoretical knowledge, it is worth more to show examples in practice.The best option for an explanation of the material will first perform some exercises so that children are able to formulate their own rule and understand its principle, because such knowledge will be the most robust.

orthograms Another, no less important, is alternating vowels, writing that depends on several factors.In this case, the difficulty may cause evolution of root words, which may vary in tone, for example, bushes and plants.Root growth will be here and rast, it is worth to pay attention primarily on the lexical meaning that they contain.

I must say that in order to examine the root of the word and orfogrammy it contains, is given quite a lot of hours in the program as primary and secondary school.At the same time most of them are not worth spending on the study of theoretical material and practical exercises that will strengthen children's knowledge.