Where do after grade 11?

When choosing their future profession it is not necessary to rely on someone else's recommendation and advice, especially not need to obey their parents, who often decide on their own without you, where do after the 11th grade.It should think, how successful will be your activities at work, if you do not like.It should become an independent person who is able to chose a place for their education.

often hear the phrase "how fast time flies."This is actually the case.Judge for yourself, not so long ago you could post homework sitting at a computer or go to play football with friends in the yard.Reflections on "where to go after the 11th class" occur far from the high school, but then they are deposited.Often students pulled the adoption of important decisions in their lives, not realizing the seriousness of the issue."This is closer to a final and we will see where it is possible to do after college or school" - a very common idea.

choice of profession

So many of today's students do not want to think about the issue of higher education and finding a profession before graduation.Only when the last bell has sounded, the question "Where do after grade 11 (or 9 years of education)?" Becomes the most important.First, you must decide which specialty will accompany you throughout later life.It is unfortunate alternative is for higher education only for the presence of a diploma.Employers need real results from your work, and not only this document that are not too reflects the quality of education.Moreover, the level of your knowledge in practice will be high in the case, have you learned absolutely not a short and uninteresting subject for you.Success can only be engaged in their favorite thing.Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and the late Steve Jobs, who founded of Apple, could not have achieved such heights without interest if treated their ideas and projects.

most popular profession among employers in law - a lawyer, a lawyer in corporate law and legal advisor.University, leading the preferences of employers - MSLA.

in finance and accounting the hottest expert - an accountant, a leading university - Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

System administrators most appreciated in the field of IT and telecommunications.MSTU.Bauman - the most prestigious in the eyes of employers in this sphere of activity.

Determine what areas of employment you the closest.Do you have some interests, hobbies, but should deepen.Perhaps you're a great lawyer and you always attracted the country's history and jurisprudence, but you went to the Faculty of Finance and Accounting.Or you could become a good programmer or system administrator, but because of the prestige of the legal profession have gone to law school.

If you find it difficult to decide where to go after the 11th grade, asYou can not determine its attraction to a particular field of activity, you can take tests for career guidance or seek help from a psychologist.

is also very important that you enjoy your future profession is in demand among employers.In each area of ​​activity have a lot of specialties.Analyzing newspapers and websites with vacancies, you can choose a specialty that is most suited to you.When deciding which school to go after the 11th class to come to harmony (balance) demand, interest and the level of wages.

Choosing where to go after the 11th grade, you need to consider the quality and complexity of the study, its cost, the geographical position of the selected institutions and attitude of employers.

Firstly, it is necessary to adequately assess their capabilities to any direction.If you are studying in school you had trouble with geometry, then trained in physics and mathematics faculty will be very difficult.Of course, if you have the desire and the desire, you can make up for lost knowledge before entering the university.

Also very important is the level of quality provided by the institution of education, because it is the knowledge you need, and not just the presence of vapor and absolutely insignificant degree as a result.Consider the various educational institutions can be on the Internet, each institution has its own website.In addition, learn more about a particular university can be in groups of social networks.

significant influence on the choice of location for higher education and will have a place of residence and the capital, calculated on tuition and availability of budget category, but from you, these factors depend to a very limited extent.