The largest cities of Ukraine in the area of ​​population.

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Ukraine - the country's second area among the countries of Europe, located in the eastern part.

General demographic and geographic characteristics

population is about 43 million.As part of our planet is the thirty-second place in the number of inhabitants of all the other states.Countries such as Moldova and Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and Russia are its neighbors.

in the southern part of the territory is washed by the Black and Azov Seas.Basically the area is flat and sometimes hilly, and only five per cent - a mountain Carpathians (the highest point in the 2061 meter - Hoverla) and Crimean (the highest point - Roman Kosh, 1545 m).

briefly about the wealth of natural resources

one hundred and twenty kinds of minerals that are known to man, and he uses them, 97 are here.Five percent of the world's reserves - that is the amount of iron ore is concentrated in the lands of Ukraine.In addition, there are large deposits of coal, the world's largest deposits of sulfur, mercury ore (second place).A huge number of non-metallic minerals, widely used in the construction industry.This clay, limestone, tuff, marble, basalt, gypsum, chalk, marl.As stocks of salt, graphite, kaolin Ukraine is among the leading countries of the world and Europe in particular.And this is not the whole list of what the rich Ukrainian land.

concentration of population in the cities of Ukraine, of which there are 460, is home to nearly 69% of the population.The remaining 31% comes from the village population (urban settlements, the number - 885) and rural areas, where over 28 thousand.In small villages main occupation is agriculture, which has all the favorable conditions for development and high productivity.This climate conditions and the quality of the soil (in Ukraine is one third of the arable land of all Europe).Adversely only the attitude of some people towards agriculture.

government pays little attention to this issue, the villagers do not have much support, because industrial-scale agriculture developed in part, in the industry of crop - corn, corn.Livestock is mainly at the level of its own family.In the cities are focusing on different kinds of industries.

cities, which are the largest in their area

By area, among the Ukrainian cities of Kiev in the first place - the capital, and its area is 870.5 square kilometers.

following five cities have about 400 sq km., Is Makiyivka (Donetsk region), Gorlovka (Donetsk region), Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk region), he Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk.Their area - 425.7 sq km., 422 km sq., 410 km sq., 405 sq km.and 385 sq km.respectively.In addition to the major cities of Ukraine in Kiev have such a large area thanks to the highly developed industrial activities.For example, in Makeyevka it is about twenty factories and workshops focused on heavy industry (iron and steel, coal mining, engineering) and food businesses.At the Donetsk these two cities are the largest unit of Ukrainian industry.Gorlovka listed more than fifty different chemical, coal, food processing, engineering and manufacturing industries.Krivoy Rog - the center of the most important raw material base metals.Dnepropetrovsk with its 200 enterprises in thirteen industry produces 4.5% of the total industrial production in Ukraine.With regard to Kiev, it is a center not only for the industry but also on other issues such as politics, culture, science, transportation, religion.

in the top ten, which constitute the major cities of Ukraine in the area are: in seventh place - Kharkiv (350 km sq.), The eighth of Zaporozhye (331 square km.), The ninth - Lugansk (269 square kilometers.) and concludes ten Mykolaiv (253 km sq.).

Which city has the highest number of residents

major cities of Ukraine in terms of population again headed Kiev - almost 2.9 million. People, according to the latest data.Next, referring to two times less than the previous value, goes Kharkiv - 1.45 million. Person, then - Odessa (1.014 million.), Dnipropetrovsk (987 thousand), and closes the top five self-proclaimed capital of the DNI - Donetsk - with a population of 933 inthousands of people.In the top ten, which make up the largest Ukrainian cities in terms of population, also appear:

- Zaporozhye (762 thous.).

- Lvov (729 thousand.).

- Krivoy Rog (647 thousand.).

- Nikolaev (494 thous.).

- Mariupol (455 thous.).

number of major cities in Ukraine, and those that are home to 250-500 thousand people (of 16) is about 5 million. People, more than 11% of the total population.

In general, a dozen, which make up the largest cities of Ukraine, as follows.

major cities of Ukraine, the list
City Population, mln. City size of the territory, sq km.
Kiev 2,9 Kiev 870,5
Kharkiv 1,43 Makiyivka 425,7
Odessa 1,014 Gorlovka 422
Dnepropetrovsk 0,987 Krivoy Rog 410
Donetsk 0,933 Dnepropetrovsk 405
Zaporozhye 0,762 Donetsk 385
Lions 0,729 Kharkiv 350
Krivoy Rog 0,647 Zaporozhye 331
Nikolaev 0,494 Lugansk 269
Mariupol 0,455 Nikolaev 253

population of small towns

places with the least number of people - is tragically known Pripyat (in this town now, no one lives because of the immediate vicinity of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant) and Chernobyl, where a rotational way home to about five hundred people.They are responsible for ensuring security in the region, to work at the facilities of the exclusion zone, also live here are people who have decided to return to his hometown, despite the risk and danger.

followed by small towns, where the population reaches a value of about two to five thousand people.It:

- Berestechko and Ustilug in the Volyn region.

- Baturin in the Chernigov region.

- Skalat in the Ternopil region.

- Sviatohirsk in Donetsk region.

Although Ukrainian law status of the city, you can assign to the number of inhabitants of the village from ten thousand.But in a country with such a rich history there is a place on the grounds of the exceptions historical significance cities.Also, cities are those settlements which were previously the number of inhabitants more than the required minimum, but over time the number of dropped due to mortality and migration of residents to other cities and countries.


in the world Ukraine is the second highest mortality rate in the world.Ahead of her in this sad ranking of South Africa only.While, when the average mortality in the world amounts to 8.6 per thousand in Ukraine it actually twice - 15.72 (data 2014).For comparison, in Iraq, where some places unstable political situation, and then place the tragic events with the use of weapons, the death rate is only 4.57.What lies at the heart of the problems of the population of the Ukrainian state?

problems of high mortality

Mainly, it is the environment, and more specifically, the neglect of environmental regulations.Thus, in the first place, water pollution.In terms of water purification, which consumes the people of Ukraine, the country is on the 105 place out of 120. The standards used by to determine the suitability for consumption of drinking water have been developed in the USSR.Since then, "a lot of water under the bridge", there are many new and harmful substances that are not monitored by outdated standards.

second important reason is the lack of waste treatment: only 10% are recycled, and the rest - folded and burned, partly as a component of air pollution.For comparison: in Europe for processing goes to 95% waste.For example, aluminum cans, which sell drinks Coca-Cola and Sprite.99% go to the re-manufacturing, because aluminum is completely processed, and only a five percent loss of energy of the primary production.And, of course, the problem of Chernobyl, which affected not only the Ukrainian lands, but also the neighboring countries of Western Europe, as well as coming to the border area Rossii.No if the consequences of the above accident has actually nothing to fix the remaining problems can be solved quite important -attach to this effort.The continuation of such an attitude to the external environment will soon lead to a critical reduction in the population of Ukraine.