The procedure for calculation of pension

majority of citizens who work constantly allocate funds to the pension fund, concerned the question of what is the procedure for calculating pensions.How is it shaping and what components?What types of pensions are there?And also many other issues that can not be considered less important.

If we talk about the fact that a person has the right to a legal holiday, then here is to address such an important issue as the procedure for calculating the pension, because without it, it would be difficult to provide for themselves in old age.All time employment of a citizen company makes contributions to the pension fund, which is designed to provide full life of the pensioner.The Law "On labor pensions in the Russian Federation" regulates charging, formation and pensions.Pension itself consists of three parts, the size of which depends on various factors.It is worth noting that a mandatory part of it is made of the fact that every month is deducted by the employer in a dedicated fund.This payment is given to those people who are already at the moment are on a well-deserved retirement.In addition to the mandatory part it is possible to receive payments from voluntary savings: it is a question of the cumulative part of the pension and insurance.

every enterprise and organization makes payments to the state pension fund compulsory insurance, while the normal pension fund is transferred almost half of these funds.Analyzing in what order of formation of the pension, it should be said that these payments are not tied to specific citizens, and are designed to provide current retirees.This piece serves as a base, and its size is directly dependent on the budget, inflation and cost of living.It is said that it does not affect the size of the original salary or seniority, its payment can be committed against foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, they must simply live permanently in Russia.

procedure for calculation of old-age pensions: insurance part

Since 2002 all Russian employers make payments to the insurance pension fund, and each employee receives a special certificate of pension insurance where indicated his personal account.The taxable amount, including not only the salary of each employee, and other costs and expenses for his employer.

procedure for the pension: the accumulative part

This part made similarly to the previous count, but in this case the pension capital is replaced by the amount of savings.For each of these savings are specified in a dedicated part of the account.This part is usually placed at various investment instruments that can significantly increase its size.At the moment, every citizen has the right to have to manage your funded part, so you can choose the most effective tools for investment.

procedure for calculation of pension military

With sufficient seniority pension accrual is carried out based on the average monthly salary for the last 12 full months of service.The average monthly salary in this case is determined by using a special law, and in its definition must take into account the financial content of civil servants are formed from a number of payments.

course, used for the calculation of pensions mass of specialized formulas, but in this article are set out only general thesis, so the details of this process are not affected.