Dream Interpretation: fight - the interpretation of dreams.

fight has always been a lot of men.His interpretation of this dream is a dream book.

Aesop's dream book: Fight - interpretation of dreams

fight in a dream symbolizes mindedness, temper, intemperance and bad manners.To separate the combatants in a dream, and then to see them again, waving their fists - should beware of unbalanced personalities of criminals.More may dream this dream to a roaring party or changing activities.If you had a dream that a puny little man ride up to a huge fellow, provoking a fight, the dreamer would appear that he is doing something inappropriate.The crowd cursed and seeking to start a fight the people something to hold on this - to help the dreamer side in the most unexpected moment or to get acquainted with the neighbors.

Tsvetkova dream book: Fight - Interpretation of Dreams

To dream fight - to welfare.Himself fight - to the surprise.Fight with beasts (animals) - to trouble.

Islamic dream interpretation: a fight or struggle - the interpretation

dreamer If someone knocked on the ground, in real life this man izvedet his property.If the dreamer knocked gin, then he hit in witchcraft, it will eat the creditors, and the property will undergo bankruptcy.If a person sees in a dream that someone is fighting, or fighting - the one who lost in this fight, in life better than the one who won.Dreamed of fighting is a harbinger of strife, grief and family issues.

English Dream Book: Fight - deciphering dreams

This dream often predicts domestic trouble.Dreamer seemed no longer understands his relatives, and they, in turn, will be annoyed his actions and words.A dream foretells lovers spat.If the dreamer who is caught up and hit hard - a dream foretells good luck detractors men who are plotting evil against him.If the dreamer said strong blows to the offender, in real life, he upset the machinations of his enemies.Dreaming of a fight rarely heralds good luck.

Miller's dream book: fight - what dreamed?

is surrounded by unfamiliar persons who attacked with intent to rob - in real life enemies unite against the dreamer.Avoid beating - the difficulties and troubles in romantic relationships, and matters will be overcome.

Oriental Dream Book: fight or brawl

If the dreamer has happened to someone fighting, dream interpretation interprets the dream as unpleasant meeting with competitors or prosecution.In this situation, it is not necessary to take any decisive action to avoid trouble.Being defeated in a fight - the risk of loss of property.Get with the bloody wound - possibly betrayed by friends.Separate fighters - dissatisfaction with the status quo and the desire for more.If she dreams that her favorite fights with someone - in reality he is not worth her love.

XXI century dream book: brawl in a dream - to what?

afar to see the fight - to welfare, close-ups, or to take part - to the surprise.To win in a fight - the respect of others and the success with the opposite sex.