As accrued pension

many citizens may be very concerned about the issue of how to accrued pension?What is it and what are its types?What are the advantages and disadvantages of public pension funds and non-state analogues.There are other equally important issues.

Every citizen has the right to rest, especially when it comes to pension holiday.This means that work on some businesses that person is engaged in his working life, should provide it to the rest of his life.There is no question that the company must ensure that it itself is carried out by the pension fund to which every employer carries mandatory contributions.In the formation of the Russian Federation, charge, payment of pensions is carried out in strict observation of the law "On labor pensions in Russia."If we talk about how the pension is calculated, it is worth mentioning that it may be not only mandatory, but it can be supplemented by voluntary, which means the ability to use savings, which are placed in private pension funds.In the mandatory pension there are several types, you can call each of them: labor disability pension payments to survivors, as well as the classic old-age pension.The labor pension includes in its membership three components: basic, insurance and accumulative.

Basic part of pensions

Each organization and the enterprise necessarily make payments to the State Insurance Fund, about half of these funds are transferred to the pension fund.All these funds are not registered, that is simply transferred to the fund, where they are used for current payments to existing pensioners.This part is the basic pension, the amount of which is determined by the cost of living, inflation and budgetary resources.The base part does not depend on length of service, salary, it may be paid to foreigners and persons without citizenship who permanently reside in the territory of Russia.

As accrued pension: Insurance portion of the Insurance

significantly differs from the basic fact that it is tied to a specific person, and its size depends on the duration of the alleged payments, as well as on the amount of accumulated contributions.Every employer shall obligatory deductions in the amount of 8-14% of the amount that is taxable for the individual employee, here taken to include not only the salary, but the rest of the money spent now on the individual employee.

As accrued old-age pension: funded pension

this part of the calculation carried out in the same way as a calculated part of the insurance, but the pension capital in this case is replaced by the amount of savings.These savings for every citizen are specified in a special part of the account.A distinctive feature of the funded part is that it is placed on the add various investment instruments, it can be transmitted in various funds for the implementation of the control, with the possibility of investing in various instruments, including securities.Every working person can independently manage their funded pension, which gives him the right to refuse or agree to cooperate with certain management company or the Fund.

advantages of using non-state funds are quite obvious.First of all there is to say about the possibility of an effective investment that will ensure efficient growth of pension.Public funds choose to invest such instruments are considered to be highly reliable, however, it has a negative impact on their profitability.

So, now it should be understood as the accrued pension.